Sam Lutfi is Britney Spears Restraining Order

This is Sam Lutfi. He along with Britney Spears’ onetime paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, have temporary restraining orders against them again from Brit’s conservatorship. Read more below, see a photo, and watch a video.
A hearing for reviewing this restraining order is scheduled for Feb. 23rd. Britney’s parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears, and her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden, are also included under the umbrella of protection of the restraining order. The new restraining orders allege the men “are now working in concert to disrupt the conservatorship with utter disregard for Ms. Spears’s health and well being.” Not good. You can read the order here.

During the dark days of Britney Spear’s meltdown, Sam Lutfi was a constant companion. And her so-called paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, was just strange.

Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib haven’t been welcomed at Casa de Spears or anywhere else Britney can be found, for some time now. They, and Sam’s lawyer Jon Eardley (also listed in the protective order) couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. Convenient.

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Australian Open Crisis Center, Day 13

Hi all. With the women's singles final starting shortly, here's today's place for discussing the tennis at Melbourne Park. This will be Dinara Safina's second Grand Slam singles final, and Serena Williams' thirteenth. After today, the winner will be number one in the world. History suggests that it will be Williams who lifts the trophy today - she leads the head-to-head 5-1, and Safina's only victory of the series was their sole match to date on clay.

Good luck to both players. Enjoy today's final, and please keep this post focused on tennis until it's over.

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Hamas backs Erdogan over Davos walkout

(AKI) - Gaza's ruling Islamist group Hamas on Friday praised the Turkish prime minister's walkout from the Davos economic summit in protest at Israeli president Shimon Peres' defence of the recent Gaza offensive.

"Erdogan defended the cause of Gaza and all the victims of the Zionist war - especially women and children - in front of leaders attending the Davos forum and the head of the Zionist evil, Peres," Hamas said in a statement posted to its website.

Hamas hailed Erdogan's decision to abandon the Davos meeting as "victory for the victims of Gaza's al-Fakhura school and the thousands of people killed and injured in the Zionist massacre."

An Israeli aistrike on the United Nations run al-Fakhura school in northern Gaza on 6 January killed 40 people. Over 1,330 Palestinians died and more than 5,400 were injured in Israel's three week long offensive.

Israel - "the Zionist enemy" - would continue to commit crimes against Palestinians and to exploit international meetings such as Davos to downplay these, Hamas said.

Erdogan angrily left the forum when he was denied the chance to respond to remarks by Peres questioning what he would do if rockets were fired at Istanbul every night.

Erdogan, who accused Israel "knowing very well how to kill" was greeted by thousands of cheering people at the airport in Istanbul when he returned.

Thousands of Palestinians gathered in the streets of the West Bank after Friday prayers to show their support for Erdogan, responding to a call from Hamas, reported the Palestine-Information Centre website, which is said to be close to the hardline group.

Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad's spokesman Dahoud Shehab was quoted on Friday by Palestinian news agency Maan as thanking Erdogan for his staunch support for the Palestinian cause. "We wish Arab countries would do the same thing and react in a similar way to Turkey," Shehab said, quoted by Maan.

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How did the Arizona Cardinals got to Super Bowl XLIII to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Tampa, Florida?

The Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl? Yes, you’ve read it right. How about that huh?

The Arizona Cardinals are NFC Champions. Who would’ve thought the Cards’ would be able to accomplish that and earn the right to play in Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, Florida?

Continuing on their stunning run through the playoffs, the Arizona Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Eagles 32-25 at the University of Phoenix Stadium to win their first NFC championship and advance to their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Their opponent in Tampa will be the Pittsburgh Steelers but since the Cards’ are on such

a high the last few weeks, they probably could care less who they face. Until this season, they were one of six franchises never to play in a Super Bowl. The Cardinals finished the regular season with a 9-7 win-loss mark. The Cards’ were 6-2 at home while going below the .500 mark when visiting opponents.

And while they barely made the postseason, Arizona’s improbable run started from a wild card berth.

Arizona started their playoff campaign by stopping the soaring Atlanta Falcons 30-24. And while that alone was already a shocker, they did one better by beating the Carolina Panthers in the Eastern time zone. The Cardinals relied on veteran Kurt Warner, who finished the game with 21-32, 220 yds, 2 TDs, 1 IN, in a huge 33-13 win to advance to the NFC conference finals.

Once again, many doubted Arizona’s resiliency against a very tough Philadelphia Eagles squad for the right to play in Tampa. But once again, Arizona was defiant.

The Cardinals jumped on the Eagles in the first half and led 24-6 at intermission. Receiver Larry Fitzgerald caught three touchdowns passes, including a 62-yard catch on a gadget play.

They held on for dear life, and their first Super Bowl berth, in the second half. The Eagles scored three touchdowns in just more than a quarter to take a 25-24 lead with 10:45 left.

The Cardinals responded with guts and offensive diversity. They drove 72 yards in 14 plays, covering on a critical third down near midfield. Using a mix of run and pass, the Cardinals drove to the 9, where they were faced with a third down.

Rookie running back Tim Hightower took a screen pass, picked up a couple of nice blocks and scored. Tight end Ben Patrick caught a pass for the two-point conversion, giving the Cardinals a 32-25 lead with 2:53 left.

And the rest, as they say, was history. The Cardinals are in the fucking Super Bowl people.

Can the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals to win Super Bowl XLIII? has the odds.

Pittsburgh Steelers -7

Arizona Cardinals +7

Want more odds? Visit for more Super Bowl XLIII betting odds. Want to watch Super Bowl XLIII live? Get Super Bowl XLIII tickets online now.

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Tom Daschle Tax Cheat

Barack Obama sure knows how to pick 'em.

Another cabinet pick has tax trouble.

It looks like Tom Daschle is an even bigger tax cheat than Tim Geithner.

And as usual, the damaging information is dumped very late on Friday afternoon.

From the New York Times:
President Obama’s pick for secretary of health and human services, Tom Daschle, failed to pay more than $140,000 in taxes, mostly for free use of a car and driver that had been provided to him by a prominent businessman and Democratic fund-raiser, administration officials said on Friday.

Mr. Daschle, concluding that he owed the taxes, filed amended returns and paid more than $100,000 in back taxes and interest on Jan. 2, the officials said.

Daschle is a crook.

There's no way this tax cheat would have paid these back taxes if Obama hadn't picked him to be a part of his cabinet.
The car and driver were provided by Leo Hindery Jr., a media and telecommunications executive who had been chairman of YES, the New York Yankees regional sports network. In 2005, Mr. Hindery founded a private equity firm known as InterMedia Advisors. Mr. Daschle was chairman of InterMedia’s advisory board.

In a financial disclosure statement filed this month with the Office of Government Ethics, Mr. Daschle reported that he had received large amounts of income from InterMedia, including more than $2 million in consulting fees and $182,520 in the form of “company-provided transportation.”

The belated tax payments help explain delays in the confirmation of Mr. Daschle, a former Senate Democratic leader who had been expected to win swift approval.

Despite the embarrassing admission — the second for one of President Obama’s cabinet choices — the White House and Democratic senators quickly released statements on Friday evening in Mr. Daschle’s support.

I love how the Times refers to Daschle's lawbreaking as an "embarrassing admission."

The guy is corrupt.

And Obama and Dem senators willing to support Daschle are just as slimy.

"New era of responsibility" keeps echoing in my head. What an absolute crock!
...An administration official said Mr. Daschle had paid $32,090 in back taxes and interest for 2005, $38,507 for 2006 and $69,570 for 2007.

The official said Mr. Daschle’s failure to pay the taxes was “a stupid mistake.”

We should not have to tolerate all these "stupid mistakes." These crooks are not fit to serve. Period.
A Senate aide said Mr. Daschle also had a tax issue that involved charitable contributions.

This is shocking. A Democrat involved in making charitable contributions is almost unheard of.
Administration officials said Mr. Daschle should not be penalized because he had discovered the tax liability himself, paid up and brought it to the attention of the Finance Committee, which is vetting his nomination. They said he realized in June 2008 that he might have a tax problem.

If that's the stand that administration officials are taking, then I think they are complicit in Daschle's corruption.
...The White House and the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, affirmed their support for Mr. Daschle on Friday.

James P. Manley, a spokesman for Mr. Reid, said: “Senator Daschle will be confirmed as secretary of health and human services. He has a long and distinguished career in public service and is the best person to help reform health care in this country.”

Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, used almost identical words, predicting that Mr. Daschle “will be confirmed.”

Sure, tax cheat Daschle will be confirmed. Even though he has other issues, some related to lobbying, Daschle will be confirmed.

The Democrats can do whatever they want. They can be as corrupt as they want to be.
...Mr. Obama has named Mr. Daschle to a second position, as director of a new White House Office of Health Reform. That job is not subject to Senate confirmation.

Obama has found a way to guarantee that Daschle will be at his side. Slick.

So just what is the change that Obama is bringing to Washington?

Here's a change: Obama has broken his promise about lobbyists working for him. He's changed his position on that.

This is also new: Obama and his comrades are excusing lawbreaking and setting a new standard -- Pay your taxes when you're nominated for a cabinet position. You can hold off until then. No problem.

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New RNC Chairman Michael Steele Ran As Change Candidate In 2006

If the GOP truly seeks to reach out to a constituency beyond Rush Limbaugh’s listenership demographic, they could have picked no better candidate for Republican National Committee Chairman than Michael Steele, the first African American to get that slot.

When Steele promises to bring the GOP up to speed in terms of technology, reach out to minorities and, by implication, not seem to be yet another top GOPer who seemingly gives the back of his hand to moderates and centrists, people believe him.

There are several reason why. And you can perhaps sense some of them by watching this ad from 2006….when he ran for Senator…as a change candidate. He even suggests in the ad that both parties deserve some criticism — and the word “CHANGE” is plastered on the screen at the end.

So, in the end, the GOP went with its better instincts and decided candidates handpicked by former President George Bush or candidates who distributed a satire song making fun of African-Americans or Latinos might be part of an era from which they seek to inch beyond (but will Rush let them?). Newt Gingrich is already elated.

Steele’s biggest plus: the camera loves him and he knows how to use the camera. He’ll be a highly effective face for the GOP:

Time notes that Steele’s task of reaching out to blacks may not be easy:

For example, only one major Republican candidate — Mike Huckabee — showed up at a candidates forum at historically black Morgan State University in Baltimore during the last campaign. There hasn’t been a single black Republican in Congress in years, and the party has struggled to elect even local candidates who are black. Against that backdrop, and particularly given Obama’s support among blacks and Latinos, “merely putting Steele in a high-profile position won’t change things overnight,” says Daryl Harris, a political-science professor at Howard University.

Recently, Steele put out a “Blueprint for Tomorrow” that indicated a determination to strike a balance between Republicans pushing to return to the party’s core principles and those who “claim we need to modernize to meet today’s reality.” Said he: “To my way of thinking, we must do both, and quickly.” In the blueprint, Steele clearly borrows key elements of Obama’s groundbreaking tactic for generating record levels of donations with innovative social-networking tools. He calls himself a “technology geek,” and already posted on the RNC’s main website is his “Network for the Future,” which features links to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn and At the very least, Steele knows his party needs to play catch-up.

So he ran as a change candidate…is perceived as one of the more moderate members of his party..and he knows how to use technology and social networking. A perfect pick to counter the Democratic Obama era? But some Democrats say appearance may not match reality.


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India vs Sri Lanka ODI 2009, Live Streaming

Flash links take loading time of 1-2 Minutes. Please wait till it loads.



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Movie Review - 'The Uninvited'

Starring Emily Browning, David Straithairn, and Elizabeth Banks
Directed by The Guard Brothers
Rated PG-13
Remakes of Asian horror movies and supernatural thrillers have polluted movie theaters based on the commercial and critical success of one film: The Ring.
Since 2003, we’ve been subjected to The Grudge, Shutter, Alone, One Missed Call, Mirrors, The Eye, Dark Water, and, well, you get the point. None of them have built on what The Ring created, an overwhelming sense of creepy dread dressed in the clothes of a slick American suspense flick.
How can this genre still be around after all its sophomore, junior, senior, graduate, and post-graduate slumps?

There is life in its newest entry, The Uninvited, but you have to wait 75 minutes to find the pulse. This remake is based on the Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters and is directed by Charles and Anthony Guard, billed here as The Guard Brothers, as if their last name is really Coen.

Troubled teen Anna (Emily Browning from Lemony Snicket) saw her invalid mother die in house fire and when we meet her a year later, she is explaining her recurring nightmares to a psychiatrist. It's not an outpatient arrangement, it turns out, but ten months after she arrived, Anna is free to go home with her father (David Straithairn) and try to put one foot in front of the other again.
The haunting images don't go away at home, but nothing haunts her as much as her father’s new girlfriend – and her mother’s one-time nurse – Rachael (Elizabeth Banks). Anna suspects Rachael set the fire, and believes she is now out to horn in on her dad’s money at any cost, even if it means more murders.

The Uninvited is like a sloppy heavyweight fight that ends with a 12th round TKO. There is a knockout punch, but far too late to make the match itself very interesting. It does, however, make this better than some of its genre cousins. Choosing Elizabeth Banks for this role might have been a mistake; she is too likable in general to accept as the source of all of this evil.
I sense that what the Guards were attempting to do was make us leap before we looked. There are plenty of directions this film could have gone, but the entire impact is influenced by the ending. The goal of the first hour-plus is to get you to commit to your own solution. I don't find it fun to try out-thinking movies, because I don't believe real stories try to out-think anyone or throw people for a loop as they naturally occur.
Beyond the slight miscasting of Banks and the phony reveals that pop up along the way, if you’re one of the few remaining believers in this genre, there’s some light in the darkness.


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Sweet Bird of Youth

You've got to hand it to Derek Cecil: When he makes an actorly "choice," he sticks with it. In the Williamstown Theatre Festival's otherwise successful staging of Tennessee Williams' Sweet Bird of Youth, Cecil has curiously opted to portray Chance Wayne, that archetypal hustler whose main chance resides in his raw animal magnetism, as a whiny, insecure loser from the get-go. The whole pathos of the play lies in Wayne's gradual realization, at the worldly-wise age of 29, that he'll never live up to his adolescent aspirations -- whether show-biz success or a romantic reunion with Heavenly Finley (Bess Wohl), the tarnished dream girl of his teens. A gradual peeling away of self-delusion makes for prime Williams drama, whereas the violent comeuppance of a conniving, dim-witted jerk comes nowhere close.

Cecil boxes himself in, contorting his perfectly presentable physique into a cowed position and pitching his voice way upward into Barney Fife territory. (Heaven knows what this Wayne will sound like once Boss Tweed's goons have their way with him!) He leaves himself no place to go -- except maybe, late in the game, into a further blur of drunkenness. One can only wonder what the washed-up actress Alexandra del Lago (Margaret Colin) sees in such an ineffectual dweeb, beyond his merely satisfactory services in the sack. Sure, Alexandra is drug-addled, but Colin convinces us that her attraction to and empathy for Wayne are genuine. Cecil's less than prepossessing interpretation -- surely approved, tacitly or otherwise, by director David Jones -- puts Williams' text to the test. Potboiler plot notwithstanding, it holds up surprisingly well.

Credit is due the rest of the cast, who compensate for the mystifying vacuum at the core. Colin perfectly captures the inner grit of the self-described "monster" Alexandra. She does a star turn without seeming to suck up the spotlight, though lighting designer David Weiner does have an intrusive way of illuminating her monologues (here bracketed as asides to the audience) and other key moments. Gerry Bamman is magnificent as the ranting, ruthless Southern demagogue Boss Finley, and not just because of his uncanny resemblance to a baleful American eagle. His take works because Bamman -- like Colin, Wohl, and Christopher Evan Welch as bully-in-training Tom Finley, Jr. (shades of Dubya, anyone?) -- withstands the temptation to treat his character as a caricature. He believes in Boss Finley and his patently warped worldview. As a result, so do we.

Sweet Bird of Youth is among the canon of Williams' hothouse dramas, in which repressed sexuality ultimately outs with disastrous consequences all around. The play has an aura of hysteria which, in these supposedly more enlightened times, can sometimes read as overwrought -- a pitfall that this production deftly skirts. This subset of Williams' oeuvre fell out of favor amidst the sexual revolution, with its attendant candor. Now that this phenomenon has subsided and its much-vaunted gains have proved illusory, Williams' insights into the nature of human longing once again seem timely, even timeless.

Could that have been Cecil's intent? Take away the preening, insolent hunk or prematurely cut him down to size and this inverted morality tale still manages to rivet our attention from word one. But it would be all the more moving if we got at least an initial glimpse of Chance -- a sullied Christ figure, the bearer and embodiment of our own youthful dreams -- while he was still flying high.


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Mary Hicks tonight on Late Show w/ David Letterman

The notorious Bill Hicks routine controversially dropped from the David Letterman show will finally be aired on the programme 15 years after the legendary comedians death.

Mary Hicks, Bill's mother appeared on David Letterman’s show on Monday to tape an interview to mark the 15th anniversary of her son’s death, in a segment that set to include Bill's Mother introducing the footage of the dropped performance. The original master recordings were destroyed, but only after one copy was sent to Mary Hicks, which has never been broadcast or shown before. The segment will broadcast tomorrow in the US

Hicks was left aggrieved and outraged till the end, at what he saw as Letterman’s betrayal in dropping the routine from his show.

In what would have been his 12th appearance on the show, Hicks tackled Christianity, politics and the anti-abortion movement, including the line: ‘If you’re so pro-life, do me a favour: don’t lock arms and block medical clinics. If you’re so pro-life, lock arms and block cemeteries.’

At the end of the show Letterman acknowledged the controversial nature of the routine, saying: saying, ‘Bill, enjoy answering your mail for the next few weeks.’

Producers later told Hicks that the segment would be dropped from that night’s broadcast, saying that the network’s broadcasting standards watchdogs felt it was unsuitable for their viewers. However, it later transpired it had been the Letterman producers – not CBS – who insisted on the cut. And among the adverts aired during the show following the one in which Hicks had been due to appear was one for a pro-life moment.

Hicks expressed his feelings of betrayal in a handwritten, 39-page letter to John Lahr of The New York, in which he added that he his requests for a tape of his performance had been ignored.

Less than five months later, Hicks was died at the age of 32 from pancreatic cancer.

Bill's Last Ever Stand-up Gig, Performing The Same Material As He Did On Letterman


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Bill Hicks on David Letterman censorship (video)

TV Barn found this 2 days ago on (flag)
1993: Bill Hicks talk about the censorship he just got in the David Letterman Show for a piece about pro-life people. Just before a pro-life ad being aired, ...


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This case needs International coverage, the world needs to stand behind this father and support him in his fight to bring his son home. This case can only be described as a complete travesty of Justice. This child should be with his biological father.

If you are not familiar with the case, please read the circumstances of Sean's abduction on

There are many ways YOU can help make a difference in this case - if you refer to the site there is a "How to Help" tab, that will explain in detail how just one e-mail from you will help get the message across, that we as society think that this case is inhumane and that Sean needs to come home to his father, there is no other alternative.

An international petition has been set up which will be presented to officials from the American and Brazilian Governments, to media outlets in America and Brazil, calling for them to help put an end to this, and let Sean come home....

Please add your signature, and circulate to family and friends across the globe, lets all make a difference this Christmas, lets get behind David Goldman and add our signatures to this petition.

The friends of David Goldman thank you for your support.


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