Filmfare Awards 2009 nominees, winners later today

The Filmfare Awards is India's Oscars equivalent. It is considered the most coveted and prestigious awards in the Indian film industry. Its 54th Filmfare Awards 2009 will be held today 28th February at Yash Raj Studios in Andheri, Mumbai.

Here are the Filmfare Awards 2009 Nominees. Winners will be posted later.


Jodhaa Akbar
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na
Rock On!!


A.R. Murugadoss - Ghajini
Abhishek Kapoor - Rock On!!
Aditya Chopra - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Ashutosh Gowariker - Jodhaa Akbar
Madhur Bhandarkar - Fashion
Neeraj Pandey - A Wednesday!


Aamir Khan - Ghajini
Abhishek Bachchan - Dostana
Hrithik Roshan - Jodhaa Akbar
Akshay Kumar - Sinng Is Kinng
Shah Rukh Khan - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Naseeruddin Shah - A Wednesday!


Aishwarya Rai - Jodhaa Akbar
Anushka Sharma - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Asin Thottumkal - Ghajini
Kajol - U Me Aur Hum
Priyanka Chopra - Fashion


Abhishek Bachchan - Sarkaar Raj
Arjun Rampal - Rock On!!
Pratik Babbar - Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na
Sonu Sood - Jodhaa Akbar
Tushaar Kapoor - Golmaal Returns
Vinay Pathak - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi


Bipasha Basu - Bachna Ae Haseeno
Kangana Ranaut - Fashion
Kiron Kher - Dostana
Ratna Pathak Shah - Jaanu Tu… Ya Jaane Na
Sahana Goswami - Rock On!!


Farhan Akhtar - Rock On!! - Socha Hai
KK - Bachna Ae Haseeno - Khuda Jaane
KK - Jannat - Zara Si Dil Mein
Rashid Ali - Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na - Kabhi Kabhi Aditi
Sonu Nigham - Jodhaa Akbar - Inn Lamho Ke Daaman Mein
Sukhwinder Singh - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – Haule Haule


Alka Yagnik - Yuvvraaj - Tu Muskura
Neha Bhasin - Fashion - Kuch Khaas Hai
Shilpa Rao - Bachna Ae Haseeno - Khuda Jaane
Shreya Ghoshal - Singh is Kinng - Teri Ore
Shruti Pathak - Fashion - Marjaawa
Sunidhi Chuhan - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - Dance Pe Chance


Abbas Tyrewala - Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na - Kabhi Kabhi Aditi
Gulzar - Yuvvraaj - Tu Meri Dost Hai
Jaideep Sahni - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - Haule Haule
Javed Akhtar - Jodhaa Akbar - Jashn e Bahara
Javed Akhtar - Rock On!! - Socha Hai
Prasoon Joshi - Ghajini - Guzarish


A R Rahman - Ghajini
A R Rahman - Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na
A R Rahman - Jodhaa Akbar
Pritam - Race
Shankar - Ehsaan-Loy - Rock On!!
Vishal - Shekhar - Dostana

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Rush Limbaugh's speech at CPAC.

I am watching live Rush Limbaugh's speech from the CPAC conference in Washington, D.C.

Within the last few minutes, Rush made a remark about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and the Republican response to President Obama's speech before Congress last Tuesday. I'm paraphrasing, but Rush said something along the lines of "Joe Biden was surprised that Gov. Jindal got off his shift at 7-11 early enough to give the speech."

Before the inevitable liberal dry heaves ensue, Rush was alluding to statements made by Biden himself:


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The Philip Johnson Tapes: Interviews by Robert A.M. Stern, Edited by Kazys Varnelis

The Philip Johnson Tapes is a juicy romp through the greater part of twentieth-century American architectural culture narrated by Johnson (1906-2005) to his good friend and acolyte, Robert A.M. Stern, during the course of several months in 1985. Philip Johnson is dead, long live Philip Johnson! The recording of his gossipy utterances has become something of a cottage industry. Some examples focus more on the man and less on the architecture: Philip Johnson: The Architect in His Own Words (1994); Philip Johnson: Life & Work (1996); Philip Johnson & Texas (2000).

For me, when Johnson died in 2005, it was almost as if some part of modern architecture died with him. Too young and far away from New York to have known him as a power player on the contemporary scene, I will always recall Johnson as a strange, wrinkled, seemingly immortal chimera, or maybe vampire, hovering at the edges of American architecture culture. This book, written as a dialog between Johnson and Stern with Johnson doing most of the talking, shows how deeply entwined he was in the formation this culture. Chapters include those on his upbringing and education at the Harvard GSD under Gropius, activities at MoMA, his fascist interlude, armed service in World War II, his architectural practice, and several discussions about such seminal projects as the Seagram Building and Lincoln Center. Of particular interest to Houstonians will be the passages describing people who worked with him in Houston: Hugo V. Neuhaus Jr. (“There was one boy who was much richer than I was [at the Harvard GSD in 1940],” 78.); Dominique de Menil (“She had violent artistic taste,” 119); Jane Blaffer Owen (“Her interest in me was physical,” 168); and Gerald Hines (“…if we couldn’t persuade him, we did what he said,” 181).

Johnson is credited with bringing Modernism to Texas and pretty much everywhere else in this country. The book sheds light on how he became so influential through what Varnelis describes as Johnson’s “endless discussion of who he knew, when he knew them and what connections he was able to make,” a “dangerous history…that could not be revealed during his lifetime” (194). But really, and as the designers among us can all attest, isn’t all architecture made of this? Who knew who? What was your lucky break? A client, e.g. your mother or college roommate made good, a publication, a friendly critic?

What interested me in reading these interviews was to see Johnson outlining this activity with such precision and obvious pleasure, when, as Varnelis implies, it should rather be concealed so critics and the public can revel in the unanalyzed eruption of “genius” (Zeitgeist, perhaps?) that underlie conventional architecture history narratives. The only other book I have read that dared explore this “dangerous” theme was Roxanne Williamson’s mostly forgotten American Architects and the Mechanics of Fame (1991). Had Williamson written twenty years later, it would have been satisfying to see her meticulously chart Johnson’s personal and business connections as she did those of Sullivan, Wright, Richardson, McKim, Mead & White, Latrobe, Bulfinch, Kahn, and those she labeled “The European Immigrant Masters in the Twentieth Century.”

The chapter on the Seagram Building (1958) best illuminates the manner in which Johnson the critic and Johnson the architect acted both as handmaiden and midwife to the creation of important works of architecture, or, in this case, an uncontested masterpiece of modern design. It started when Phyllis Bronfman Lambert, daughter of Samuel Bronfman, president of the Joseph E. Seagram Company, the largest distiller of alcoholic beverages in the world, “felt something was wrong” (137) with the way her father’s company was planning to build a new headquarters building in Manhattan. She was directed to Johnson, then director of the Department of Architecture, after inquiring at MoMA to seek advice. Johnson accompanied her on a series of interviews with prominent architects (Pei, Saarinen, Wright). He specifically said he “kept completely still” (137) when she spoke of Mies. But what does that mean? By the 1950s, Johnson had known Mies for over twenty years; he had hired Mies to design the interior fit out for his apartment in 1930 and had written the first monograph in any language on the architect as part of a MoMA exhibition in 1947.

We may never know how “still” he completely was when asked to enumerate Mies’s merits. Was this obvious silence, in contrast to his volubility in discussing the others, perhaps a signal to Lambert of Johnson’s respect for Mies? During the course of design and construction Johnson “filled in the little holes where Mies either didn’t want to or didn’t complete things.” (141). When challenged by Paul Rudolph on this subservient relationship, Johnson countered that “I got my foot in the door by working with Mies” (147). Johnson surely took pleasure in seeing Mies’s rise from a semi-obscure apartment outfitter to become one of the most respected architects in the world due in no small part to his acolyte’s tireless stumping. Shortly after, Johnson made the transition from a house architect to a designer of large buildings. The cover of Peter Blake’s monograph, Philip Johnson (1996) shows his mature masterpiece, Pennzoil Place (1976), a twinned, sharply angular office tower in Houston built for Hines and clad in a dark-tinted glass skin that bears more than a passing resemblance to Seagrams of some twenty years earlier.

The crisp graphic design, especially the helpful footnotes giving additional information on the many dropped names, along with interesting illustrations (it was fun to see a photo of Hugo Neuhaus’s house in Houston), make this book a pleasant read. Hopefully we can look forward to seeing more like it.

The Philip Johnson Tapes: Interviews by Robert A.M. Stern
Edited by Kazys Varnelis
Monacelli Press 2008, 207 pages, Hardcover, $40
Designed by Michael Beirut of Pentagram

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Gundam 00 Season 2 Episode 21

The Door to Reform

- Came back to life just to be killed again XD
- Graham again

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Two winners split Powerball's $174.4 million jackpot

Players in Delaware and Pennsylvania patched five numbers and the Powerball Saturday night. Wednesday's jackpot is $20 million.

The Florida Lotto jackpot will be $22 million.

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Dual Saw Versus a Monolithic Dome

We gave a Dual Saw to a couple of the boys at As Seen on TV Network and told them to go to town. They took the Dual Saw to a monolithic dome, and let’s just say they didn’t disappoint.

Still in renovation, this genuine monolithic dome can withstand a class 5 tornado. The original owner of the dome was a national bakery chain who used the dome for production. Though the bakery took much of their stuff with them when the left, they still left quite a few things behind. This meant the boys had 60,000 square feet worth of stuff with which to test the Dual Saw.

We also were brave enough to give them a camera or two. They were brave enough to film a few shots of their exploits in the monolithic dome. Below is what they sent back. Take a look for yourself. (Good brick is so expensive, too)

Something tells me we’ll be seeing more Dual Saw adventures from the boys at As Seen on TV Network. I just wish they wouldn’t have hurt that poor PC (just kidding).For more information about the dual saw, please visit If for no other reason, then soyou can hear billy mays tell you about it.


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A Clockwork Orange

Protogonist Alex is an “ultraviolent” youth in futuristic Britian. As with all luck, his eventually runs out and he’s arrested and convicted of murder and rape. While in prison, Alex learns of an experimental program in which convicts are programed to detest violence. If he goes through the program his sentence will be reduced and he will be back on the streets sooner than expected. But Alex’s ordeals are far from over once he hits the mean streets of Britian that he had a hand in creating.


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Paige Birgfeld: Paige Birgfeld is missing (photo)

Paige Birgfeld, 34, went missing in June 28 2007. Birgfeld had a secret life which made things complicated when it came to tracing her last movements and listing possible suspects.

Birgfeld married her first husband, Ron Beigler. They divorced. Birgfeld then married her second husband, Rob Dixon. Birgfeld had 3 children with Rob Dixon, her second husband. They divorced after that.

Birgfeld became a single mother. Birgfeld worked at least 2 jobs to support her children. However, Birgfeld worked a secret third job which she hid from her family and friends. Birgfeld was also Carrie, a high class social escort.

Lester Ralph Jones, a mechanic and maybe Birgfled’s customer, was employed near the location where Paige Birgfeld’s car was found burnt. Jones is a suspect but police do not have sufficient evidence to arrest him.

Paige Birgfeld is missing - details of her story.


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Buffett admits to "dumb" decisions; hints at Indian successor

Legendary investor Warren Buffett has blamed himself for making certain “dumb” investment decisions last year and has hinted at India-born Ajit Jain becoming the possible successor for his businesses. Warning that the downturn could well continue for a longer time, Buffett has said the economy would be in shambles throughout 2009.

“During 2008, I did some dumb things in investments. I made at least one major mistake of commission and several lesser ones that also hurt. “Furthermore, I made some errors of omission, sucking my thumb when new facts came in that should have caused me to re-examine my thinking and promptly take action,” the much revered investor wrote in his annual letter to the shareholders.

Showering praise on Jain, who handles the reinsurance division, Buffett noted that there is no one like him and added that his business is “never the same”. “Ajit came to Berkshire in 1986. Very quickly, I realised that we had acquired an extraordinary talent. So I did the logical thing: I wrote his parents in New Delhi and asked if they had another one like him at home.

“Of course, I knew the answer before writing. There isn’t anyone like Ajit,” Buffett said. A former McKinsey executive, Jain is looking after reinsurance division, “headquartered in Stamford and staffed by only 31 employees”. Noting that this business may be one of the most remarkable in the world, the billionaire investor said that it is hard to characterise but easy to admire.

“From year to year, Ajit’s business is never the same. It features very large transactions, incredible speed of execution and a willingness to quote on policies that leave others scratching their heads. When there is a huge and unusual risk to be insured, Ajit is almost certain to be called,” Buffett pointed out.

In a sign of the financial meltdown even hitting Buffett badly, Berkshire Hathaway, his holding company which manages diverse businesses, saw the entity’s net worth decline as much as 11.5 billion dollars in 2008. He pointed out that “a series of life-threatening problems within many of the world’ s great financial institutions was unveiled” last year.

Asserting that the economy would be in “shambles throughout 2009 and, for that matter, probably well beyond, the legendary investor said that conclusion does not tell us whether the stock market would rise or fall. Buffett noted a major mistake was buying ConocoPhillips shares when oil and gas prices were near their peak. “I in no way anticipated the dramatic fall in energy prices that occurred in the last half of the year… Even if prices should rise, moreover, the terrible timing of my purchase has cost Berkshire several billion dollars,” he said.

According to him, “other already-recognisable errors” committed include buying shares of two Irish banks’. “During 2008, I spent 244 million dollars for shares of two Irish banks that appeared cheap to me. “At year end, we wrote these holdings down to market: 27 million dollars, or an 89 per cent loss. Since then, the two stocks have declined even further. The tennis crowd would call my mistakes unforced errors,” Buffett said. He noted that derivatives are “dangerous” and that they have increased the leverage and risks in the financial system.

On derivatives contracts, Buffett said they go unsettled for years, with counterparties building up huge claims. “A frightening web of mutual dependence develops among huge financial institutions. Receivables and payables by the billions become concentrated in hands of a few large dealers who are apt to be highly-leveraged in other ways. “Participants seeking to dodge troubles face the same problem as someone seeking to avoid venereal disease: It’s not just whom you sleep with, but also whom they are sleeping with,” he added.


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Researchers Solve Mystery Of Why Hair Turns Gray

A team of from the Universities of Bradford, Mainz and Luebeck have finally solved a mystery that has perplexed humans throughout the ages: why we turn gray.

Despite the notion that is a sign of wisdom, these researchers show in a research report published online in The that wisdom has nothing to do with it. Going gray is caused by a massive build up of due to of our . The ends up blocking the normal production of melanin, our hair’s . Melanin is the pigment responsible for , as well as , and .

The researchers made this discovery by examining native hair and cells isolated from human . They found that the reduction in was the result of a complex series of events involving four different enzymes in the cells.

Firstly, the build up of in the hair was caused by a reduction in an enzyme (called ) that normally breaks up into water and oxygen and gets rid of it. They also discovered that because of low levels of other enzymes (called A and B) the could not repair the damage caused by the build up of . Further complicating matters, the build up of together with the low levels of the , disrupted the production of yet another enzyme (called tyrosinase). As tyrosinase is responsible for producing melanin the production of melanin in was very much reduced.

The researchers speculate that a similar loss of melanin could be the of vitiligo, a condition where white (de-pigmented) patches begin to appear on the skin.

Lead researcher, Schallreuter, said: “This discovery is a major breakthrough in the understanding of hair greying and opens up some to combat this scenario. These are being followed up at the in our laboratory.”

The FASEB Journal is published by the Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) and is the most cited journal worldwide according to the Institute for Scientific Information. FASEB comprises 22 nonprofit societies with more than 80,000 members, making it the largest coalition of biomedical research associations in the United States. FASEB advances biological science through collaborative advocacy for research policies that promote scientific progress and education and lead to improvements in human health.

Article details: J. M. Wood, H. Decker, H. Hartmann, B. Chavan, H. Rokos, J. D. Spencer, S. Hasse, M. J. Thornton, M. Shalbaf, R. Paus, and K. U. Schallreuter. Senile hair graying: H2O2-mediated oxidative stress affects color by blunting methionine sulfoxide repair. FASEB J. doi:10.1096/fj.08-125435.

University of Bradford

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North of Beautiful: Geocache-o-rama #5

Welcome to Day 5 (the final day...sob! sob!) of the North of Beautiful Geocache-o-rama. One of my favorite, if not most neurotic, things to do change up my house. Rearrange furniture! Create new displays! Move my artwork!

So in today's cache--Beauty: One Etsy Step at a Time--I take you to one of my favorite sources of inspiration. And to one of my favorite jewelers of all who created readergirlz pendents for my divas divine as well as Girl Overboard necklaces for my editors.

How to play:
1. Visit the coordinates listed below.
2. Find the answer to the question, also below.
3. Drop a comment on this blog with the answer, your name, and your email.
4. Winner receives...a mystery cache of galleys! Woo hoo!


Inspiration comes on wings for her.

What is the working name of this artist AND can you tell which YA novel she luuuuurves?


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Aly Off: Ainsley On

Tomorrow Ainsley Earhardt regains her center seat on the curvy couch on Fox & Friends Weekend. As guest co-host for a vacationing Alisyn Camerota, she will once again be flanked by Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris. For Ainsley and her acolytes, it may be a bittersweet reminder of what once was and could have been.

For the attractive former F&FW co-anchor, it cannot be easy to sub in the position that she once proudly held. However, Ainsley has shown grace and poise in the past when she has temp’d for Aly, and, assuredly, will do so tomorrow.

Laurels, Ainsley, for being a class act!

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Belmar Parade Day Weather report 2009

The roads are clear, the Belmar St. Patty’s Day Parade is on, there wont be enough snow today to cancel it so come on down.

Bookmark this website for more updates just hit the home button on the right for the latest Parade day info live from Belmar NJ

Matisse will be open today Sunday for Parade day Brunch starting at 10:30am till 3pm to book your table at the best place in Belmar call 732.681.7680 ….This is the first year Matisse is open for Parade Day so if you want a nice relaxed Brunch before the parade come on in today


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Paul Schene: King County Deputy Caught On Tape Punching, Kicking 15-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO)

SEATTLE — A King County sheriff's deputy kicks a 15-year-old girl, slams her to the floor of a jail cell, strikes her and pulls her hair in violence captured on videotape.

Prosecutors released the surveillance video in Friday in the assault case against Deputy Paul Schene, who is accused of using excessive force on the girl.

The footage shows the attack beginning after the girl enters the cell at suburban SeaTac City Hall and kicks off one of her shoes toward the deputy.

Schene, 31, pleaded not guilty to fourth-degree assault in Superior Court on Thursday.

The incident last November began after the girl was brought in for an auto theft investigation, according to court documents.

"We believe this case is beyond just police misconduct, it's criminal misconduct," King County Prosecutor Daniel Satterberg said. "This is clearly excessive force."

Satterberg added the case is uncommon because cameras captured the entire incident.

Schene was investigated previously for shooting two people _ killing one _ in the line of duty in 2002 and 2006. Both times his actions were found to be justified, said Ian Goodhew, prosecutor's deputy chief of staff.

Calls by The Associated Press to Schene's lawyer Anne Bremner were not immediately returned Friday. Bremner, however, released a statement to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in which she said the video does not tell the whole story. Bremner had asked Judge Catherine Shaffer to not release the video to the media.

"As we argued to the judge, it will inflame public opinion and will severely impact the deputy's right to a fair trial," Bremner said.

In the video, a deputy kicks the girl, pushing her back toward the wall. The deputy then strongly backs the girl against the wall, and slams her to the floor by grabbing her hair. A second deputy enters the holding cell, while the first deputy holds the girl face down to the floor. The first deputy appears to hit the girl with his hands. The girl is then lifted up and led out of the cell while the first deputy holds her hair.

The second officer shown in the video was a trainee at the time and is not under investigation, Goodhew said.

According to court documents, the girl complained of breathing problems after the incident and medics were called to check her. A short time later, she was taken to a youth detention center and booked for investigation of auto theft and third-degree assault, the latter accusation dealing with her conduct toward the deputy. The girl has pleaded not guilty to taking a motor vehicle without permission, Goodhew said Friday, adding she was never formally charged with assault.

Schene told investigators through an e-mail conversation with his lawyer that once he was assaulted by the girl kicking her shoe at him, he entered the cell to "prevent another assault," according to court documents. Schene also said that the girl failed to comply with instructions in the holding area.

Prosecutors said Schene did not explain why he struck the girl after he had her in a holding position on the floor.

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Pa. lottery holds its own as most states' decline

Lottery sales are down around most of the country.

Not in Pennsylvania.

The Keystone State is up about 1 percent in its lottery sales for fiscal year 2009 through January, according to state officials.

That's in contrast to its neighbor New Jersey, which said it is down about 1 percent in its lottery sales — losses of about $4 million.

Pennsylvania's 1 percent growth means about $18.3 million in addition revenue, according to Stephanie Weyant, spokeswoman for the state's Department of Revenue.

The Department of Revenue oversees the finances of the state lottery.

Pennsylvania's lucky streak likely is going to continue at least through today, when the Powerball jackpot is more than $173 million for tonight's drawing.

The Powerball drawing airs locally on WNEP Channel 16 at 11 p.m.

"We've been helped out by the Powerball recently, there's no doubt about that," Weyant said. "But I think a lot of it is the Pennsylvania Lottery workers being very aggressive in their marketing."

Weyant said she had seen a study late last year that showed lottery sales were up in only 11 states — Pennsylvania was one of them.

The economy affects lottery revenue in two ways: Players may continue to play in hard times, but often buy fewer tickets. "We're hearing from our players that they're playing less, yes," Weyant said.

In addition, the poor economy hits lottery retailers — newsstands, gas stations, grocery stores, whatever. Some of them have closed, and the Weyant said the state is down about 140 retailers from this time last year.

"Don't get us wrong, we're down from our projections," she said. "We were looking for a 4 to 5 percent growth this year. But with everything going on, we're pleased to be 1 percent ahead."


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Catalase Enzyme - A Cure for Grey Hair?

Is your hair going grey? Well, science may have found the culprit - Catalase! A digestive enzyme, catalase is essentially omnipresent in all eukaryotic life. Its job is to act as a catalyst (catalase - catalyst!) for the process of separating water into component parts - oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide - surprising. Catalase performs this process in excess of a million times in just one second. But it also seems that it is responsible for causing greying of hair in older people. Remember - catalase also breaks down hydrogen peroxide, which is toxic.
Catalase Enzyme
Catalase Enzyme
Catalase Enzyme

Basically, if there isnt enough catalase (which there commonly isn’t in hair of older people), hydrogen peroxide builds up and damages the hair so that its original colour is lost. If we can find a way to interfere with this process, perhaps re-supplying the hair with catalase, greying may become a thing of the past. Check this video below to see catalase in action.

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