National Hug Day : January 21, 2009

National Hug Day

This IS an actual holiday. no joke. so on this day hug as many people/animals as you can! It's the best day ever! You don't have to have the day off or be completely free. You can hug people at work, school, and at home. don't be afraid to hug a stranger. i can't control the price of hugs.
Only you can! Hug everyone you meet/see on January 21 and maybe you'll even be hugged back. OK so really this should be called INTERnational hug day because it is celebrated everywhere but when i created this event i didn't realize that.Don't believe what other groups are saying national hug day is really on the 21st not the 16th or the 1st or any other day. Don't believe me? look it

1. Accept the invite
2. Invite all your friends! SPREAD AWARENESS!!
3. Upload pictures of you and your friends hugging!

Happy National Hug Day!

Both celebrations are copyrighted under “National Hugging Day Collection” at the U.S. Copyright Office.

National Hugging Day was created in 1986 by Rev.

Send our ecards to your beloved/ husband/ wife and make them feel loved and wanted on Send a Hug Day.

Gorilla Hug - Squeeze the huggee tightly while saying “ooh ooh” like an ape.

For example, some studies show that children deprived of hugs during their infancy risk growing up incapable of loving others, suggesting that a child raised without any hugging can become a psychopath or sociopath. Visit for new articles, tips and trivia each month.

Ecards We’ve got you covered with free Ecards for just about any other holiday, occasion, event, or no event at all!

Please contact Kevin Zaborney via E-mail for details.

DISCLAIMER: the above article is believed accurate but not guaranteed, and is based on business news supplied by the source (Marianne Richmond Studios, Inc.).

Make them feel special with our cute and adorable Send a Hug Day ecards. Reach out to your friends on this special day with a warm hug and a heartfelt wish. There’s nothing like taking a dear one in your arms and saying how special he/ she is to you.

News Websites may republish the “news release” text version linked to above under “Journalist Resources” except must retain “Send2Press Newswire” as the source of this news if used verbatim.

If the owners wish the photos to be removed, they will be upon contact with the administrator of this site. Most of us have a little person inside who needs human contact in this stainless steel, computerized society where we are kept at arms length.

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Reliacard Visa

The ReliaCard Visa provides an electronic option for receiving your unemployment insurance benefit payments.
The ReliaCard Visa is a reloadable, prepaid card issued by U.S. Bank.

The U.S. Bank ReliaCard Visa debit card is the result of a public-private partnership between U.S. Bank, the Oregon State Treasurer’s Office and the Oregon Child Support Program.

The card should arrive in a plain white envelope with a Fargo, ND return address in 7 to 10 days.

The card may be used to make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Support payments are deposited to the card after they are processed by the State Disbursement Unit.

No credit check or bank account is required.

Issued by U.S. Bank, the ReliaCard Visa is a reloadable, prepaid Visa card which works like a debit card.

When your card arrives, activate the card by calling the toll-free number listed on the back of the card.

You may also check the account balance free of charge, 24 hours a day, by going online to or by calling the automated ReliaCard Visa customer service line at 866-276-5114.

With Direct Deposit, we electronically transfer your weekly benefit payment into your checking or savings account at your bank, credit union or savings and loan.

If you are due a benefit payment and you have not requested your payments be directly deposited to your bank account, Minnesota Unemployment Insurance will electronically deposit your unemployment benefit payments onto your ReliaCard Visa.

If you perform a balance inquiry at a non-U.S. bank or non-MoneyPass ATM, you may be charged a fee by the ATM owner, even if you do not perform a transaction.

You can also access your account information 24 hours a day online or by phone.

Electronic Disbursements by Direct Deposit or by ReliaCard to any individual entitled to receive child support will become mandatory in 2007.

[1] MN Unemployment Insurance: U.S. Bank ReliaCard Visa FAQs
[2] Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Electronic Payments FAQs : Unemployment …
[3] Division of Child Support - U.S. Bank? ReliaCard? Visa?
[4] Unemployment Insurance Payment Options: Direct Deposit or ReliaCard Visa
[5] Electronic Payment Card Frequently Asked Questions: ReliaCard: Payment …
[6] ReliaCard Visa

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Another Scene from Joan Nathan’s Party

Alice Waters and Walter Scheib, a former White House chef, have been nattering at one another for several months over who could or should cook for the new first family. The two reached a détente Sunday night, at the same party where Tom Colicchio performed the Heimlich maneuver on Joan Nathan.

They met during a dinner honoring a dozen chefs from around the country who came to Washington to cook a series of dinners. Held in private homes on Monday night, the dinners raised money for two local soup kitchens and helped promote Ms. Waters’s desire to make federal policy more welcoming to local, organic and sustainable food.

Mr. Scheib and Ms. Waters made their way to an upstairs room and closed the door. His first words were: “I’m 100 percent behind your agenda. The only dilemma I had is over what you said about Cris, who is my friend,” a reference to Cristeta Comerford, who was hired by Mr. Scheib and was promoted to executive chef after he left, in 2005. “She can’t talk publicly so I became her surrogate. I defend my friends.”

Ms. Waters and others had suggested the Obamas replace her with a chef who would cook locally and sustainably. Mr. Scheib took offense, he said, not only because Ms. Comerford is a talented cook, but because the White House kitchen already does many of the things Ms. Waters has suggested.

During the Clinton Administration, in response to a suggestion from Ms. Waters for a big vegetable garden on the White House lawn, a small garden was planted on the roof . It provided enough tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and herbs for the first family, but not their guests.

At about the same time, Mr. Scheib said, the White House began buying from about 40 different local farmers and co-ops, although for security reasons this was not widely discussed. If word leaked out that a purveyor was supplying food to the President, it was immediately dropped from the list, a Secret Service requirement.

Laura Bush took things a step further. “To her credit, Mrs. Bush was adamant about organic foods,” he said. “It goes counter to her perceived personality, but it was never important to her that the information to be released.”

Ms. Waters then explained herself, saying, “I never criticized Cris for what she does when I offered to help evaluate the cooking.” She added that she was relieved to learn that the Obamas were not hiring a celebrity chef, as some had suggested.

Source :

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Jason Wu Designs Michelle Obama’s Dress for Ball

The inauguration has come and gone but interest remains high. Yet nobody was quite prepared for the real break out celebrities of yesterday’s history making event; the fashion. Overnight the internet was flooded with searches for designers Jason Wu and Isabel Toledo.

Jason Wu, a 26 year old Taiwan born Manhattanite, is responsible for Michelle Obama’s dress to last night’s inauguration ball. The gown was a one shouldered dazzling white chiffon number which, thanks to the events import, has now entered fashion history.

The gown itself has received mixed reviews. Many feel that, although the inaugural dress is beautiful, it does no justice to the new First Lady’s physique. On the other hand the gown does allow Michelle Obama to show off her much commented well-toned arms.

According to Fox news, “Wu, who has not shown a collection since 2006, and Toledo, who had a short stint at Anne Klein but is considered relatively avant-garde, are exactly the kinds of designer Obama gravitates toward.”

Jason Wu enrolled in the prestigious Parsons School of Design and interned with Narciso Rodriguez. His works have most often been compared to that of Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera.

"The Wall Street Journal reports Wu's evening wear sells for $3,000 to $6,000." According to Michelle Obama's spokeswoman, the inaugural gown made by Jason Wu and Isabel Toledo will be donated to the Smithsonian.

By: Alberto Ramos Cordero

Newsday, Usmagazine, Fox

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Rich Cronin Signs Up For

Rich Cronin tells the Boston Herald’s Inside Track he’s signed on to to find love. “There was a time when I could get any girl I wanted,” the former LFO singer said. “But I knew it was a false reality. I never felt ‘This is what I deserve’. I was aware I was a very lucky guy. I knew it was gonna be short-lived and I should enjoy it while I could.”
So now, after LFO’s 2003 split and an ugly breakup with his girlfriend, Cronin is turning to the internet. “I don’t go out anymore. I don’t go to clubs or bars or do anything,” he said. “A bunch of my friends have tried it and some of them have met some cool people, so I figured I’d give it a week or two.” The article at has since been archived.

Rich Cronin (born Richard Burton Cronin, on August 30, 1975) is a singer and songwriter best known as the lead singer and primary songwriter for the American pop group LFO.

Born and raised outside of Boston, at age 15, Rich Cronin began writing songs to instrumental tracks.

I have a foundation called “The Rich Cronin Hope Foundation. My friend Joey Furtardo brought a mix tape from NYC to my house and when I heard the songs I was hooked.

As soon as LFO disbanded in 2002, three years after striking gold with the song ”Summer Girls,” Cronin hoped to release a solo album, but lawsuits with managers over royalties and publishing interests kept getting in the way.

Rich has been very busy these days battling Leukemia, while at the same time searching for a band to promote his new original music….now that’s dedication!

From writing what was intended to be a scrapbook of teenage memories for his friends, to blowing up the pop music world, Cronin’s seemingly overnight success is really the result of hard work and perseverance.

Brought into the studio by a DJ friend who labeled him ‘the lyte funkie one,’ burning embers were fanned to flames and LFO was born.

A bone marrow sample revealed that he had acute myelogenous leukemia, which most often afflicts adults over the age of 60, says Cronin’s oncologist Dr. Robin Joyce.

Inspired by artists such as Run DMC and Slick Rick, New Edition and New Kids on the Block, Cronin set out to make his mark on your FM dial; and so he did.

In 2006, Rich Cronin teamed up with friend Doug Ray a/k/a “Toothpick”, former emcee from the rap group Bad Ronald to form Loose Cannons and record Life Goes On, the debut album by the duo.

LFO, N’SYNC and Backstreet all toured together over there for about 3 years off and on.

LFO was best known for the 1 hit ‘Summer Girls’ (a/k/a the Abercrombie and Fitch Song) and top 5 single ‘Girl on TV.’ Both songs, along with all of the music on the double platinum selling group’s follow up album ‘Life is Good’ were penned by Cronin.

Brought into the studio by a DJ friend who labeled him “the lyte funkie one,” burning embers were fanned to flames and LFO was born.

In 2005, Rich was ready to launch his solo career when he was sidetracked by a diagnosis of acute myelogenous leukemia which returned him from Orlando to his native South Shore Boston hometown.

[1] Rich Cronin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[2] Rich Cronin - About
[3] - Rich Cronin
[4] Rich Cronin’s comeback - The Boston Globe

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Wipro Q3 PAT up at Rs 1,004 crore

The country's third largest software exporter, Wipro, today reported a consolidated net profit of Rs 1,003.9 crore (Rs 10.04 billion) for the quarter ended December 31, 2008, while the company had a net profit of Rs 854 crore (Rs 8.54 billion) in the third quarter of financial year 2007-2008.

"For the quarter ended December 2008, we delivered a strong performance with IT Services revenues growing sequentially 3.5 per cent in constant currency," Wipro chairman Azim Premji said, adding: "We continue to win large deals; we won four multi-year multi-million dollar deals in the current quarter. We added 31 new customers."

The total income stood at Rs 6,773 crore (Rs 67.73 billion) for the December quarter of the current fiscal, whereas it was at Rs 5,433.2 crore (Rs 54.33 billion) a year ago, Wipro said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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Mercy Me - I can Only Imagine Lyrics

I can only imagine
What it will be like
When I walk
By your side

I can only imagine
What my eyes will see
When your face
Is before me
I can only imagine

I can only imagine

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall
Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine

I can only imagine

I can only imagine
When that day comes
And I find myself
Standing in the Son

I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever
Forever worship You
I can only imagine

I can only imagine


I can only imagine [x2]

I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever, forever worship you

I can only imagine

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Shakira: Obama Inauguration ‘A Triumph For All Minorities’

Shakira spoke with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, where the Colombian pop singer talked about the honor of being invited by the Presidential Inauguration Committee and the President-elect Barack Obama to participate in the official ceremonies. “The swearing in of Obama is a triumph for all minorities, African Americans, Latinos, Arabs, Asians, and so many other communities who live in this country and by way of their daily work make America the great power that it is,” Shakira said. “I hope that the triumph of Obama serves to let all the children of the world know that they have the same rights and that they can aspire to any level of success that they wish. God willing many hispanic children are now thinking today that they want to be president when they grow up when before today that was difficult to imagine.” Shakira added that among the Latino community, she’s “sure that sooner or later, in a not-so-far-off future, will have among them a future president of the United States

Shakira: "I hope that some many Hispanic children would think that they too can become President¨.

1. Why she decided to publicly support Obama,

When Obama was born there were still schools in some parts of the United States that didn't accept African American children. Fast forward two decades and the most powerful man on the planet is an African American. This is a triumph of human evolution. It's a message of optimism and tolerance that will reverberate throughout the world penetrating millions of minds. The triumph of Obama is without a doubt a cause for celebration for all.

2. How she met him:

I haven't met him yet but we've exchanged very positive words.

3. What it means to participate in the swearing in,

It's an honor to be invited by the Presidential Inauguration Committee and the President-elect to participate in these official ceremonies.

The swearing in of Obama is a triumph for all minorities, african americans, Latinos, Arabs, Asians, and so many other communities who live in this country and by way of their daily work make America the great power that it is. I hope that the triumph of Obama serves to let all the children of the world know that they have the same rights and that they can aspire to any level of success that they wish. God willing many hispanic children are now thinking today that they want to be president when they grow up when before today that was difficult to imagine.

4. What songs she'll sing

Songs that are hymns of happiness and optimism. One is called The Bright Side of the Road, and the other with Stevie Wonder who is one of the most widely-respected musicians in the country and definitely a part of a group of fundamental people who contributed to the progress of this country along with Martin Luther King and many others.

5. What she hopes for from Obama's presidency

Like the beginning of all new phases, one is more concerned with the wishes of what we want to improve than objective analysis. But among the things that I like about Obama I would say that he seems by all counts committed to education, environmental care, and prioritizes a dialogue to resolve or avoid conflict.

6. What she hopes will change in the relationship between the US and Latin America during his term,

I think that our millions of Latino brothers who live in the United States are doing a lot for Latin America. Not simply with the money that they send home every month to their families there but also because they are helping to place Latin America on the political agenda of this country.

We are a booming, hardworking, and increasingly committed community. This country wouldn't function without the Latino community. Obama wouldn't be president without their support.

I hope that all these factors translate into our president lending the attention that our community and Latin America deserve.

As such I am thrilled to be part of this official ceremony That this guest wants to say that there are people who understand the weight of the community that i'll be representing. A community that I am sure sooner or later, in a not-so-far-off future, will have among them a future president of the United States.

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Rare Baseball Card up for Bid in Fresno Store

Fresno, CA, USA (KFSN) -- The owner of a Valley antique shop is giving the world a chance at owning a piece of history on this historic day.

Bidding started online today for a rare baseball card, more than a century old. It's a team card of the Red Stocking Baseball Club of Cincinnati from 1869. Bernice Gallego of Fresno found the card while going through some other collectibles at her shop in the Tower District.

She listed the card at just ten dollars, but experts said it could be worth up to $100,000!

veryone will be able to see — and someone soon will be able to proudly own — the most publicized, historic sports memorabilia item of the New Year. The 1869 Peck & Snyder `Red Stocking B.B. Club of Cincinnati` advertising card, certified authentic by PSA, is scheduled to be displayed by its happy owner, Bernice Gallego, 72, of Fresno, California on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, and on the syndicated Bonnie Hunt Show on Thursday, January 22. That same night the card will be offered by Memory Lane, Inc. in a special one-lot public auction that closes on February 10.

The amazing story of the sepia-toned card and its discovery has been prominently in the spotlight with nationwide news coverage in recent weeks. Estimated to sell for perhaps over $100,000 in the upcoming auction, the card depicting the first professional baseball team was nearly sold by Gallego last year for only $10.

She and her husband, Al, own the Collectique antiques store in Fresno. They don’t recall exactly when or how they acquired the card, but told the Fresno Bee newspaper they think it may have been among the contents of a storage unit they purchased years ago.

Last summer they submitted it in person to PSA at one of the Collectors Universe Public Friday submission days in Santa Ana, California.

`This card is extremely important because many hobbyists consider it to be one of the very first baseball cards ever produced. In addition, the sepia image featured on the front of the card captures the game of baseball in its infancy,` said Joe Orlando, President of PSA, a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT).

`Baseball has gone through many evolutions, and this card provides a time capsule of what the sport used to look like in terms of the uniforms and equipment. The card is a tremendous conversation piece whether you’re a collector, an avid baseball fan or historian.`

The bidding on the card will open at only $10.

`Last year before she knew the historical significance and potential value of this card, Bernice Gallego briefly offered it on eBay with a minimum bid of only $10. So, we’ll open bidding at that amount. However, this card could reach into six figures,` said J.P. Cohen of Memory Lane of Tustin, California, one of the leading sports collectibles dealers in the United States.

`There are less than ten examples of this card known to exist, and this is possibly one of the best based on condition,` Cohen stated.

Memory Lane will launch its three-week public auction for the card on the night of January 20, the same evening Gallego is scheduled to show it to comedian and nightly talk show host Jay Leno and his television audience.

For additional information about the auction, call (877) 606-LANE or visit online at

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My friend Andy dropped me an email yesterday morning to ask if I was celebrating.

Which is kind of funny, if you happen know that (1) he's pretty stingy with his emails, and (2) I was already thinking about him when his message landed in my inbox.

I'd been remembering a summer afternoon, seven or eight years ago, when he and I hurried away from our desks and out of doors to stand beneath an increasingly darkening sky. We stood on the front steps of the building in which we worked and watched half a dozen large black clouds blow quickly across the valley.

We stood right there as the first raindrops in months spattered all around us, practically sizzling as they landed on the burning concrete. We stood--without umbrella or hat--as the sprinkle turned into a shower and then a downpour. It was the end of a horrible drought; we were ready for rain.

My shoes were ruined.

It was the kind of day--if you're awake enough to take note--you remember. You file it away for the next time the bottoms of your feet are on fire, and the leaves are crumbling on the trees, and you'd damn near hurt somebody for a sip of something cold to drink.

It was the kind of day you remember when, after what feels like the world's longest dry spell, you gather outside the university library and look up at the screen on which your new president takes his oath of office, with nary a cloud in sight.

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Fujitsu LifeBook S6410 Laptop

Smaller and faster — that’s usually been the motto of computer manufacturers. And none have adhered to this creed better than Fujitsu. Their last few ultraportable notebooks have been both excellently designed and powerfully economical. The Fujitsu LifeBook S6410 is the company’s latest, and is compliant with the latest Intel Centrino standard. It sports several competitive features including an LED backlit screen, 1GB of Turbo Memory, and a removable drive bay.

This notebook features the use of magnesium alloy and carbon fibre for a combination of strength and light weighted-ness. It’s not as thin as some ultraportables we’ve seen, but despite its relative chubbiness it still only weighs 1.66 kg.

The LCD is a 13.3-inch model and the LED backlighting makes this one of the brightest we’ve seen. In fact, as far as clarity and viewing angles are concerned it even outstrips Fujitsu’s own Q2010, which is almost AU$1,500 more. The only problem with LED backlighting is that you lose a lot of contrast — black comes out grey — and it’s not the best choice for multimedia applications.

Build quality was pretty solid — the first model we saw was pre-production and a little flimsy around the screen, but the production model seems to have remedied this.

The one misgiving we had about the Fujitsu is in the design of the battery chamber. Rather than simply push in like most batteries do, the Fujitsu’s battery sort of locks in place via a complex twist from the front to back — you can’t slide it in. The battery contacts on the pre-production model had been shredded by the time we received it, and despite assurances from Fujitsu, the battery design remains the same on the final model. But put the battery in correctly and there shouldn’t be an issue.

Centrino Duo notebooks have been filtering into the market since mid-June, but the S6410 is still one of the first laptops we have seen to include Santa Rosa features. Ticking off the list you get: an Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 processor at 2.2GHz; a relatively skimpy 1GB of RAM (this is Vista after all — we would have liked 2GB); a roomy 120GB of hard drive space; Turbo Memory; and a draft-N wireless adaptor.

Being a Santa Rosa, it also features an Intel X3100 graphics adaptor, and it really takes the load off the other components while running Vista Business in Aero mode. Despite only having 1GB of RAM, there were no slowdowns or “chugging” while using the PC with all the eye-candy enabled. You wouldn’t want to use this PC for games though.

For ports, you get a front-mounted mic and headphone jack, a 1394 mini-jack, an S-Video out (via a dongle) and a wireless on/off switch. On the left-hand side you get a LAN port, VGA, PCMCIA (Fujitsu doesn’t believe there’s enough saturation for ExpressCard accessories to warrant its inclusion yet), and a card reader. On the right side you get three USB 2.0 ports, a modem and the removable drive bay. You can choose to install a weight saver or another hard drive in there if you wish — there is also a second six-cell battery available for this slot at an extra AU$299.

The Fujitsu is factory fitted with a six-cell battery, and it performed adequately in our battery test. Using the BatteryEater Pro 2.70 benchmark, we were able to clock the S6410 at a speed of 2 hours and 40 minutes. A little short when compared with a competitor such as the Acer TravelMate 6292 which was able to last an extra 40 minutes — and this is without Turbo Memory. The inclusion of Turbo Memory should help the Fujitsu here, because this is really a test of how long the laptop can last with the monitor on at full brightness. It’s not demanding on the CPU or memory, and should be caching from the Turbo Memory module. In this instance, it doesn’t appear to have made as much difference as Intel has suggested. The Acer is without the Turbo Memory upgrade.

On the performance side, it’s on a par with the Acer at 4156 marks in the PCMark 05 benchmark. This demonstrates that the two notebooks are very evenly matched, with the Acer achieving 4192 marks. PC Mark, while a synthetic test, is a good measure of how the laptop performs across disciplines such as start-up time, graphics performance, and CPU calculations.

In the end, the Fujitsu is a good laptop, with a brilliant screen, some useful battery-saving features and a decent appearance. Only its unusual battery chamber design holds us back from whole-heartedly recommending it.

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Polaroid High Definition Digital Camcorder

Polaroid High Definition Digital Camcorder- OMG! Shortly, you will not be able to believe what you see. Because Polaroid High Definition Digital Camcorder is only $129.99, i really got shocked when i saw first this price and i said probably it is not a good camcorder, because of that it is such a cheap. But when i saw the specifics, i got shocked one more time. And i must say, if you want to buy this camera in an another day, you must pay at least $230.57. Below you can see the pics of Polaroid DVC-00725F. Now let’s speak about the important specifics that will interest you. Polaroid DVC-00725F has a CMOS cencor that enable you to record videos in HD quality 720p-(1280×720 @ 30fps), you can also take photos in jpeg format with 5 megapixels. It has a 2.7-Inch Bright Color Widescreen LCD, SD and SDHC cards can be used, its sensor can zoom (optical) 5x, it records videos in AVI format. Finally, Of course the choice is yours! But i definitely advise this camcorder as a person who knows something about cameras and camcorders. And if you know a little bit about camcorders, you also know you can never buy a camcorder that can record in HD quality from $129.99. If you have questions or problems, we will be around here to answer them.

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official website of Maharashtra State Council of Education and Training

This is the official site,, for Maharashtra State Council of Education and Training. It is important to note that MSCERT is the apex institute of the state.
Furthemore, Maharashtra's mission is to provide academic support and improve quality of education. In 1964-65, the institute was established as a State Institute of Education (SIE). In 1984, the insitute was upgraded as renamed as Maharashtra State Council of Educational Research and Training.
MSCERT focuses on teacher education, research and evaluation.
Also get information on the merit list.

Maharashtra State Council of Educational Research & Training

D.Ed. Admissions 2008-2009 Process ...

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D.Ed result September 2008, MSCE Maharashtra

MAHARASHTRA EXAMINATION RESULT (, 2008 declared that D. Ed. Examination Result September 2008 To be announced on January 21, 2009 at 15:00 Hrs. Maharashtra State Council of Examinations Diploma In Education (D.Ed.) D.Ed. Exams are conducted twice in a year by M.S.C.E. Pune. Main Exam: Generally in the month of October or November Supplementary Exam: for repeater candidates D.Ed Results,
Maharashtra Visit MSCE website for latest updates on Diploma in Teacher Education (D.Ed.) Examination Result.
mscert carries D.Ed. Admissions 2008-2009 Process. MSCERT (Maharashtra State Council of Educational Research and Training) is the apex institute of the state to provide academic support and improve quality of Primary Education.
mscert, d.ed result, d.ed results, d ed result, ded result, mscert, d.ed result 2009,, mkcl
check out D. Ed. Admissions 2008-09 Final Merit List

Jun 16, 2008 ... D. Ed. Examination Result April 2008. Announced on June 30, 2008 at 15:00 Hrs. 3 , SSC Examination Result 2008.
other links Chief Electoral Officer, Maharashtra
General information, helplines, complaint forms, candidate details. and Maharashtra State Council of Examinations
The MSCE is the premier organisation in Maharashtra, known for the Middle School & High School ... Developed & Hosted By National Informatics Centre (NIC) ...

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Wreckreation Nation and Dagorhir

She'll be on the segment about Dagorhir. They fight medieval-style battles with foam weapons (the making of which is called "foamsmithing").

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The new era in American history has begun! And to celebrate have fun with Obamacon.Me. Finally, proud to be red, white, and blue again.

And in case you missed it, check out the opening ceremonies of the Inauguration.

Of course, someone has come up with an upload-your-photo website to celebrate Barack Obama's inauguration. At Obamacon.Me you can transform your own photos to look like Shepard Fairy's famous election poster. You can add your own message and even adjust the balance between the four colour tones. Created by Paste Magazine.

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Michelle Obama's Jason Wu Gown

At the start of December, Jason Wu called it a "long shot" when asked if he would be designing for the inauguration. Looks like the long shot came through. Young designer Jason Wu was the designer of Michelle Obama's white inaugural gown. Like Isabel Toledo who designed inauguration outfit Michelle Obama wore earlier, Jason Wu is an American designer born elsewhere (Isabel Toledo was born in Cuba, Wu was born in Taiwan). Both also attended Parsons in New York. President Obama wore a white bow tie with his tuxedo. Mrs. Obama also wore diamond drop earrings and a diamond cuff bracelet to match the sparkle of the beaded gown. Wu's gowns generally cost between $3,000-$6,000.

Michelle Obama celebrated her husband Barack Obama's Inauguration in a dazzling white, one-shouldered Jason Wu gown.

"Michelle Obama once more does something new and fresh [by] working with an emerging fashion star and turning Jason Wu overnight into a household name," Us Weekly fashion director Sasha Charnin Morrison says.

"This type of dress shape/silhouette is something that's completely unexpected. [It's] vibrant and aspirational, full and gorgeous," Charnin Morrison adds. "No one else in the past would have been this striking, this ravishing or been able to pull this look off. She's bringing sexy back."

Look back at famous Inaugural Ball gowns.

Michelle also donned a $3,510 dress made from the 26-year-old Taiwan-born designer for a November interview with Barbara Walters. The Wall Street Journal reports Wu's evening wear sells for $3,000 to $6,000.

What's in a dress?

Michelle's choice is "a balancing act between being a queen and a commoner," Carl Sferrazza Anthony, a historian who's written about first ladies, told The Dallas Morning News. "The inaugural gown is a metaphor for the first lady role."

He added: "They reflect around the world an image of our country."

Earlier today, Michelle stepped out in a gold sheath and matching jacket from Cuban-born designer Isabel Toledo for Barack's swearing-in ceremony. To stay warm in the 30-degree weather, she paired her outfit with olive green gloves from one of her fave shops, J. Crew.

(Her daughters also wore threads from the chain shop to their dad's Inauguration. Malia chose a royal blue jacket, while Sasha bundled-up in a pale pink coat.)

See how famous designers would have dressed Michelle Obama for the Inauguration.

Meanwhile, the president hit the town in a custom tuxedo made by Chicago-based designer Hart Schaffner Marx. (The brand's suits typically retail at Nordstrom for about $895.) Obama hasn't purchased a tux in 15 years, it's been reported.

Look back at photos of Michelle Obama's style on the campaign trail.

Barack and Michelle are expected to hop between the 10 official balls scheduled for tonight. They shared a first dance to Beyonce's performance of Etta James' "At Last" at the Neighborhood Ball.

See the Obama's family photo album.

But after tonight's glitz and glamour, it's down to business.

The new president called America "in the midst of crisis" between the economy woes and war in his speech from the Capitol this afternoon -- but promised action.

"Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real," he said in front of a crowd of thousands, including celebs Oprah Winfrey and Anne Hathaway. "They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America -- they will be met."

See which stars showed up to Obama's Inauguration!

Tell Us: What do you think of Michelle's dress?

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Fine and you?

It’s been a nice holiday break around the Red Brick Ranchero. Wild “goings-on”, as they say.

Standing rib roast, flourless dark chocolate truffle cake and one of the better Christmas Eves ending with my great great great somebody’s eggnog that makes your eyes water to grilled lobster tails and old and new friends gathering on New Year’s Eve. Never a dull moment!

This past weekend, Groom requested short ribs. And being the loving person that I am, I said,
“well, if we must.”

I know, I know. But I love short ribs.

This recipe is from Andrew Carmellini’s new cookbook, Urban Italian. And it’s a good one.

I’d seen Braciole in several cookbooks, usually a flattened piece of beef rolled with cheese, prosciutto and hard boiled eggs, browned and braised in a simple tomato sauce.

This recipe takes the simplicity of the tomato sauce, the salty flavor of pancetta and spicy crushed red pepper to make a memorable meal from short ribs.

No eggs., no rolling up anything. Just easy.

Fine with me!

Short Ribs Braciole
Liberally Adapted from Urban Italian by Andrew Carmellini and Gwen Hyman

¼ pound pancetta, diced
2-3 lbs boneless beef short ribs, trimmed of fat as much as you care to do
Coarse salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1 medium sweet yellow onion, chopped
1 large spoonful garlic confit, smashed
Crushed red pepper flakes
4 cups whole canned San Marzano tomatoes
½ cup red wine

¼ cup pine nuts, chopped
A couple of swirls of extra virgin olive oil
½ bagel, not toasted and whirled in food processor til bread crumb texture
1 tbsp Turkish oregano
¼ cup coarsely chopped fresh Italian parsley
2-3 tbsp grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Over medium high heat, cook pancetta in large Dutch oven til the fat renders, stirring occasionally to keep from sticking. Season short ribs with salt and pepper to taste and add to pan. Brown on all sides and remove from pan. Add onion and cook til softens, about five minutes. Add garlic confit and a couple of good shakes of crushed red pepper flakes.

Add the ribs back to the pan and squeeze the tomatoes into the pan along with their juice. Bring to a low boil, cover and put in the oven to cook for 2-1/2 hours or until you can stick a fork in the ribs and they fall apart. Take out of the oven and add the red wine to bring the sauce together. Let sit over very low heat.

Toast the pine nuts over low heat about five minutes and then add a bit of extra virgin olive oil and then add the bagel crumbs. Add oregano and fresh parsley, stir well, remove from heat and grate in the cheese.
Plate the short ribs, (we served it with a couple of new potatoes), top with pine nut mixture and serve.

Serves 3-4 generously.
(I did this in the slow cooker, setting it on high for 3 hours. Worked beautifully!)

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Inauguration Parade Participants Play To The Crowd, Senator Kennedy Suffers Seizure

Well, Inauguration Day 2009 seems to have been a smashing success. The inauguration parade participants, including President Obama and his family, soaked in the historic moment, they watched the conclusion of the inaugural parade outside the White House, hours after Obama had addressed his fellow Americans for the first time as president of the United States.

Other inauguration parade participants included re-enactors from a black Civil War regiment, World War II’s surviving Tuskegee Airmen and Freedom Riders from the civil rights movement all marched. They were Obama’s nod to the past among 13,000 inauguration parade participants from all 50 states scheduled to travel down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House.

About 15 minutes into the parade festivities, President Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, stepped out of the limousine with a USA 1 license plate to a huge round of cheers and greeted part of the enthusiastic crowd. A couple of moments later, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, joined the Obamas on the walk to more loud cheers from hundreds of people who had packed rooftops and balconies to see the inauguration parade participants.

The Obamas walked a few blocks before getting back into the car but emerged again as the limousine neared the parade reviewing stand in front of the White House. Next they will head out to a string of 10 inaugural balls that are expected to last well past midnight.

Senator Ted Kennedy

Earlier in the day, there had been some unexpected drama on Capitol Hill. Senator Ted Kennedy was taken to the hospital after suffering what doctors later said was a seizure brought on by “simple fatigue.” Senator Kennedy went into convulsions during Obama’s celebratory inaugural luncheon, and was taken out on a wheelchair.

West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, 91, also in failing health, reportedly was “emotional” at the time of the collapse and security detail decided to remove him from the room as a precautionary measure. But Senator Byrd spokesman Mark Ferrell said the West Virginia Democrat’s departure was not linked to a medical issue.

Along the 1.7-mile parade route, many of the joyous but frozen onlookers had lined up before dawn to secure a good vantage point of Obama’s motorcade and the following two hours of pageantry. People peered from the windows of nearly every building.

Inaugural Website

Of course, you could also get in on the action from the comfort of your own home or office, thanks to the Internet. Obama’s presidential campaign set a new standard for high-tech, high-touch politics, so it’s no surprise that his inauguration has been cast in the same mold.

Plans are in the works for webcasts of the ceremony as well as some of the inaugural balls around the nation’s capital, but that’s just one way to experience Tuesday’s events from afar: The President’ss Inaugural Website,, is offering all the tools that helped put Obama in the White House, including a text-messaging channel and an online database that points you to the nearest TV-watching party.

The Inaugural Website looks a whole lot like the Obama team’s other online properties, ranging from MyBarackObama to That’s by design: The same outfit that handled those earlier political Web sites, Blue State Digital, is behind the Inaugural Website as well.

Working with Obama’s operatives, Blue State Digital engineered a platform that collected millions of e-mail addresses, offered a map-based interface to point supporters to events, and kept the Inaugural Website’s users up to date on the campaign’s progress (and needs). The Inaugural Website is built the same way so that users know what to expect, and can easily navigate their way around the site’s features, said Thomas Gensemer, managing partner for Blue State Digital.

The PIC2009 blog is updated daily, of course, not only with snippets of text but with YouTube videos and Flickr slideshows as well. If you need a quicker fix of PIC bits, you can check the inaugural Twitter feed or sign up to have text updates sent to your mobile phone. The Obama campaign’s “house party finder” application has been adapted for the inauguration as well.

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