Kelly Pavlik Beats Marco Antonio Rubio

World middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik defeated Marco Antonio Rubio Saturday night with an easy, one-sided TKO victory in his home town of Youngstown, Ohio.

Pavlik, who was fighting for the first time since his lopsided loss to Bernard Hopkins in October, had no trouble controlling the pace of the fight, using his jab and his straight right hand to back Rubio away at will.

Rubio mounted almost no offense at all for much of the fight, and finally, after Pavlik battered him for nine rounds, Rubio didn't answer the bell for the 10th.

Still, for as one-sided a fight as it was, it wasn't a great performance from Pavlik. He never sent Rubio to the canvas and often looked hesitant. The way Rubio fought tonight, it's hard to see why a champion like Pavlik needed nine rounds to finish him off.

Pavlik, who improved his record to 35-1, retained his Ring Magazine, WBO and WBC middleweight titles. Rubio fell to 43-5-1.

"There's no place like home," Pavlik said in the ring afterward. "What a way to bounce back in front of my hometown."


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The Country Girl

I started with a thrifted curtain valance:
and turned it into a little gathered skirt:
C1C2Feels like the perfect skirt for running barefoot on the farm.
For more details, please see my sewing blog here.

Happy sewing to all!

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Colin Farrell sex tape: Colin Farrell Nicole Narain sex tape (video)

Colin Farrell sued Candace Smith in June 2006. Farrell claimed Smith conspired with Nicole Narain to distribute the sex tape he participated in with Narain. Farrell sued Smith for trying to distribute his sex tape without informing him. Farrell’s lawsuit against Smith was dismissed about 1 month later.

Candace Smith is in the new “Survivor”. Smith’s official bio said she was a former Miss Ohio USA. Smith is a law school grad from the Northwestern University School of Law. Smith is writing her memoirs.

Colin Farrell sued Candace Smith gossip link.

Colin Farrell’s Sex Tape - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross Video Link. Farrell discussed about his sex tape here.


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1967 Chris Craft Cavalier / 1967 Chris Craft Boat Pictures

Maybe you are searching for the term "1967 Chris Craft Cavalier"? Well, you came to the right place about info regarding the 1967 Chris Craft Cavalier. There was a man named Jack Bateman, a broker by profession, was being accused of sinking his very own yacht! Well, this yacht is called a 1967 Chris Craft Cavalier.

So you wanna see some 1967 Chris Craft Cavalier pictures? We have it here for you.

What can you say about the 1967 Chris Craft Cavalier? Looks good right?

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Watch Oscars 2009 Live Online

With the 2009 Oscars due in just a couple of days WebTVWire is getting ready to bring you live streaming coverage of the event. We’ll also include links to the top videos of the 81st Annual Academy Awards and the results.

The Oscars will air on ABC on Sunday, February 22 starting at 8:30 Eastern/7:30 central. Hugh Jackman will be hosting the live event. Coverage of red carpet arrivals can be seen on E!, the TV Guide Network, and ABC. Check your local listings for times and channels.

Watch The Oscars Live Online

Some links to the exact streams won’t be available until right before the ceremonies begin. We’ll be updating this list right up to the event so be sure to check back.

Live Coverage from Sharpie (only broadcasting during the awards)


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Keiwone Malone's high school coach on Nick Saban: "He did it the right way"

TUSCALOOSA -- Keiwone Malone's high school coach said today that Alabama coach Nick Saban did not violate NCAA rules in speaking with the Memphis wide receiver prospect.

Mitchell High coach Nathan Cole said Saban "did it the right way," during a recent visit to Mitchell's campus the week before this year's Feb. 4 National Signing Day. Malone wound up committing Feb. 5, becoming the first expected addition to the Crimson Tide's 2010 signing class.

Cole's comments were in response to a Memphis Commercial Appeal column today that accused Saban of "full-contact recruiting." Under NCAA rules, a face-to-face encounter with Malone would have been a violation since coaches aren't permitted to speak in person to high school juniors.

The rule's oft-debated gray area, however -- known as the "bump rule" -- allows a coach and prospect no contact "in excess of an exchange of a greeting," per Bylaw 13.02.3 of the NCAA rule book. It is permissible so long as the coach, "does not engage in any dialogue in excess of a greeting and takes appropriate steps to immediately terminate the encounter."

That is how Cole described Saban's discussion with Malone.

"They didn't really talk," Cole told the Press-Register. "(Saban) said, 'Hey, how you doing?' and 'I can't talk to him right now.' Really, it was like, 'Hey, my name is Keiwone Malone, and that was it.'"

According to Cole's account, Saban came to Mitchell to "see some film on people," and that Malone initially wasn't at the school during that time. Cole said he was walking Saban to his car when Malone drove up in the parking lot.

Cole said he pointed out Malone to Saban, who noticed the Miami Dolphins cap being worn by the prospect.

"I had on my Dolphins hat, and he liked my favorite team, so we kind of bonded a little bit," Malone told the Commercial Appeal last week. "And when he started talking to me, I started liking the stuff that he was saying."

Saban's visit did not occur during an NCAA-mandated Dead Period, as Malone is a junior and coaches were allowed to be on the road in late January.

"They would say they can't talk to them," Cole said of visiting college coaches. "If I see (my players) in the hallway walking, I'm always going to point them out. My job is to get my kids into school, and that's what I'm trying to do. ... I just let them put a face to the name."

Malone didn't commit or receive a scholarship offer during the face-to-face encounter, sources said. He called Saban the day after this year's Signing Day to commit, and the coach and prospect had a longer conversation at that time. Such contact is permitted.

Cole would not say if additional colleges stopped in and spoke with Malone during the same period, but stressed of Alabama, "That's where the kid wanted to go."

"He didn't want the pressure on him," Cole said of Malone's decision to commit early. "He wanted to go into the season focusing on his grades and playing football."

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Viviane Castro Will Have Obama Painted On Her Body For Carnival

SAO PAULO — The Carnival beauty famed for proving it's possible to get too naked for Brazil's samba parades is looking for the spotlight again _ by painting her body with an image of President Barack Obama.

Viviane Castro last year made headlines by appearing as a samba school drum queen while wearing nothing but a tape 4 centimeters (1.6 inches) wide _ managing to violate a little-enforced nudity rule and drawing a penalty for her group.

Castro, 26, said she will wear slightly more on Friday _ but will still have plenty of room to have Obama's image placed somewhere on her body for all to see.

The exact location won't be revealed until Sao Paulo samba school X-9 Paulistana parades Friday night, said spokeswoman Ana Neiva.

"This year I will come back with minimal clothing again but honoring the great political figure Barack Obama," Castro told the G1 Web site in comments confirmed by Neiva. "Everyone, in a certain way, is looking at him to create a good government and take the world out of the crisis."

X-9 Paulistana's parade theme is about the Amazon, but Neiva said the school decided to add the American president to the mix because "Obama will be different in making sure the environment is preserved."

Another dancer, Daniela Dufi, will also have Obama's image painted on her body, Neiva said.

Plastic replicas of Obama are also the top-selling masks for Carnival this year.

(This version CORRECTS metric size of covering as 4 sted 3 centimeters).)


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The Stage in The Vindy

Even though the physical article was kinda buried in the back of Wednesday's Food section (at least people in search of the TV grid found it!), we've gotten a barrage of calls and even hooked a few new acts for tonight! So thanks to Guy D'Astolfo, Todd Franko, and Milan Paurich (I know! Who'da thunk the Oakland would be thanking him after the comment-dramathon of 08?) for helping us out and paying attention to my annoying emails!

And then we made the top o' the Calendar in today's Entertainment EXTRA (which someone who shall remain nameless referred to as the "Thursday Etcetera," which I must say I quite like!):

Although lots of people (us included) complain about the Vindy a lot (like how it's gone from a regal name like "The Youngstown Vindicator" to "The Vindy"...), they do try hard to cover local events. And when they put their minds to it, they can do a really stellar job (see: Blitz, the section devoted entirely to high school football. Unecessary? Maybe. Ridiculous? I think so. But I'm sure many people feel the same about local theater, and we get tons of time in the spotlight).

What do you guys see as the future of The Vindicator? I remember being a kid, when the paper started adding color and then eventually advertising to the front page, and that made me uncomfortable (sorry, I'm a nerd). What will the future, with its enivronmentalism and tchnological advances, hold for print news? Will we have a print edition of this paper in, say, 10 years? What would Ytown be like sans paper?

Does anyone here read the Vindy's blogs? I think this is one of the best parts of the (online) paper. I like hearing directly from the editor and "regular people" (although I'll be the first to admit that I rarely do more than skim Tyler's blog, or as I call it "words, words, words").

My main gripe about the online version is the lack of photos that accompany articles. I like a good layout, and I miss it when it's not there. Speaking of good layouts, someone had the genius idea to place the Stage article right next to the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia article. A designer after my own heart, I'd say.

So set your DVR or VCR of whatever to record IASIP on FX tonight and bring your booty on down to the happenin' spot: The Stage at the Oakland, from 8-11. We'll be here, Biden or not. Will you?

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The Golden Rule Is Broken

The Golden Rule 1.0
It was 44 years ago. I was 8. Our steel chairs were painted shiny brown, my tiny butt was sore from steel sitting and I was fidgety. So were my shined shoes, hair combed, dresses pressed Sunday School mates - fidgety I mean. Gravelly voiced, Mr Lafon read the good word from his scuffed and worn-familiar Holy Bible. His was the King James version. The one with red sentences, golden edges and Thee’s, Thou’s and Verily’s . He shared, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

Words taught early. Wise words we’ve strived to live by. My blog title, “The Golden Rule Is Broken” isn’t exactly true, it’s not broken, I just said it to attract attention. Forgive me. Now that you’re here, perhaps you’ll humor an upgrade.

The Golden Rule 2.0
Here’s version 2.0. “Do unto others as they would have done unto them.”

Think about that for 30 seconds. Reread it: “Do unto others as they would have done unto them.”

How do YOU want to be treated, serviced and tended too? The way YOU want. The way YOU like it best. Or do you prefer your preferences and proclivities be poo-pooed?

Would we agree? Poo-pooing on someone’s desires and preferences leads to FAILURE.

Here Are Four “Fail” examples:
There are 5 Love Languages - suppose your personal love language is “affirmation”, your lovers is “gifts”. If you yammer and blather validations because YOU like them, and you skip the gifts, you’re gonna be lonely Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night. No sugar for you!
I love chick flicks, you love Friday the 13th movies. If I drag you to see Sex In The City, Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and Dirty Dancing because I love them, we’d have relationship problems wouldn’t we? No Dirty Dancing for me, maybe a hammer to the head, right?
We’re friends, we bump into each other at the bar. “Hey, how’s it goin? Great to see you! Let me buy you a drink?”, I offer. You smile and thirstily nod. I don’t ask you, “What’ll you have?” I order you what I like. I rub-up to the bar and order you a Stupid White Wine Spritzer. Your mouth waters for Miss Mojito, now you have a fist full of foo-foo and your smile is upside down. It’d be kinda rude of me right? Looks like I’ll be drinking alone. Again:-(
Suppose I was a masochist? Should I treat you like-I-like? Ouch shouts! For one of us at least.
See what I mean? Treating others like-you-like can lead to fractures. Relationship fractures, the compound kind, with jagged bones poking out.

Treat Others As They Want - Please
This is the easy part. How do you know how others want to be treated? The answer is the same for work, play and love.

Ask of course.

Ask conversational, candid questions about what others want. Then you give it to’em. Simple.

Three Don’t and Do examples:
1.0 = Ms. Seller, let me tell you what I’m going to do for you. Others love it. I love it works well for me, I’m a big success. Let me press it on you, here it is…. [Telling]

2.0 = Ms. Seller, what are the three most important things your real estate agent can do for you? What criteria will you use to select your agent? [Asking]

1.0 = Ms. Seller, you said communication was important. Here’s the good news, I’m real good at it. I email a written report every two weeks. I’ll touch base every 30 days with an updated market analysis. If you have any questions call me. I return all my calls within 24 hours. Like I said, people say I’m great at staying in touch. [Telling]

2.0 = Ms. Seller, you shared that communication is important, how would you like to be communicated with and how often. Do you prefer phone calls, emails, written reports or? To give you a feeling of security and that you in-the know, what form would you like our communication to take and how often would you like it? Communication I mean. [Asking]

1.0 = Ms. Seller, you said that internet marketing is important and you’re right. I have a great blog. I broadcast your property information all over the web. I’m web savvy, I’m even on Facebook and Twitter. Nobody can do a better internet job than me. [Telling]

2.0 = Ms. Seller, you shared that internet marketing was important. Can you elaborate for me? What methods or mediums, sites and types of internet marketing do you feel are most effective and have the biggest impact? Which one’s do you feel are a waste of time? [Asking]

You get the picture right? Bottom line. Before you gatling gun style ramble and tell, tell, tell, ask questions. Discover what they want, expect, desire and need. Then, simply give it to them Golden Rule 2.0 style - “Do unto others as they would have done unto them.”

Even Joe Dirt gets it
Get to it. It’s simple. Even Joe Dirt gets it. In this video Joe Dirt Explains The Golden Rule 2.0:

So, What’s next for you? What questions will you begin asking? What will cool things will people start give YOU when YOU start giving THEM what THEY like, desire and want?

Rock On friends.

Oh, one last thing. In the spirit of The Golden Rule 2.0 - What kinds of things would you like me to write about?


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Shirley Ardell Mason was Sybil (Videos)

If you don't know what Sybil is, it is actually about a psychiatrist who treated a young woman with multiple personality disorder developed as a result of childhood trauma in the hands of her mentally-disturbed, mentally-ill mother. The first airing of Sybil was way back in 1976, that I wasn't able to see for I was not born yet at that time. Sybil will be seen on Lifetime- Sybil remake.

Sybil Dorsett is the name of the Character suffering a dissociative identity disorder due to psychological trauma. In real life Sybil Dorsett is Shirley Ardell Mason.


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Grease 2 - Grease The Movie

Grease 2 - grease the movie is movie that Released 11 June 1982 (USA), written by Ken Finkleman and Patricia Birch as director. You can watch video online of Full Length Movie for Grease 2 on, but if still avaliable, I do not know, just like Taking Chance film.

Grease 2 plot and summary:
An English student at a 1960’s American high school has to prove himself to the leader of a girls’ gang whose members can only date greasers.

Cast of Grease

Maxwell Caulfield
Michael Carrington
Michelle Pfeiffer
Stephanie Zinone
Lorna Luft
Paulette Rebchuck
Maureen Teefy
Sharon Cooper
Alison Price
Rhonda Ritter
Pamela Adlon
Dolores Rebchuck (as Pamela Segall)
Adrian Zmed
Johnny Nogerelli
Peter Frechette
Louis DiMucci
Christopher McDonald
Goose McKenzie
and Many more
grease 2,grease, adrian zmed, maxwell caulfield, stockard channing, grease 3, grease lyrics,grease, grease the movie,cast of grease,jeff conaway, dinah manoff

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Holden Caulfield

A feature on the Baltimore City Paper tells us why What We Pore Over At 12 May Be The Most Important Reading We Ever Do. This rings true, in my case.

It's not just that these books, unlike adult literature, have been left unsullied by professors turning them into objects of tedious study. We love these books, dearly and uncritically, the way we love the smell of our first girlfriend's perfume, no matter how cheap or tacky it might have been.

My fondness for reading books has somewhat been dulled by the fact that when one grows up, goes to work for a living, and supports a growing family, other things take precedence. Books become objects of leisure. You only get to spend time with them once every so often. Gone are the days when you can spend summer vacations finishing a novel or two or three. And then of course there are the books assigned as school reading. At school, I had to force myself to start reading stories like Lowry's The Giver and Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye. I eventually grew fond of them. Being required reading sort of takes the fun out of it! But in the end, these pieces of literature have found their way into my persona (perhaps it's why I'm so rebellious, a la Holden Caulfield).

These, among others, are the very same books that I just picked up again a few weeks back. I find myself reading through them with a different perspective, and with a different depth of understanding. Somehow ten, twelve, fifteen years or so after you first read something, the words re-read stir up in you memories of younger days. Better days, perhaps? Or maybe simply that--fond memories of days before when the world was younger, and so were you.

Sometimes I wonder if these same feelings are evoked when one reads old blog posts. In my case, I sometimes wade through my several years' worth of blog archives, dating back to 2004. Looking back at how I wrote back then, and how I thought back then, and the situations I found myself in brings back memories and feelings. Some are happy. Some are painful. All of them good, in a way, because it is these experiences that shape what we are right now.

Do you find yourself wading through your blog post archives and feeling the same way? If blog posts and lifestreams could be streams of history for the world then these would also make for excellent streams of history for one person. With much optimism, I would say that looking back at these tidbits of personal history should help shape us into better persons in the present.

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Kenzie Marie Houk PHOTO

PHOTO. Here is a picture of the beautiful Kenzie Marie Houk, a pregnant mother shot dead allegedly by Jordan Brown. The Kenzie Marie Houk Jordan Brown case is not your normal double homicide case.

That’s because Jordan Brown charged with shooting Kenzie while pregnant is only 11 years old. And the story doesn’t end there. Kenzie was the pregnant live in girlfriend of Jordan’s dad.

The whole event unfolded in a Pennsylvania farmhouse said Lawrence County District Attorney John Bongivengo at a Saturday press conference.

Jordan is charged as an adult with criminal homicide and criminal homicide of an unborn child. Kenzie’s father Jack Houk has no comment.

Jordan will appear in court next week.

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Sherm Stick Defined!

What is Sherm Stick?

Sherm Stick is actually a cigarett dipped in the embalming fluid called formaldahyde.
Here's the exact definition of Sherm Stick from Urban

a joint which has been dipped in "embalming fluid". most people call it embalming fluid but in truth, it's PCP which is something different. when smoked it produces a hallucinogenic high where a lot of the time you lose control of yourself.

Marijuana dipped in embalming fluid.
Those definition doesn't sound good at all. So that's all for now about Sherm Stick. And why are people searching for the definition of this keyword again. I remember before the same keyword was also searched in volcanic intensity.


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1967 chris craft cavalier

I have spent the last few days continuing to digitize content for the online archive. I'll state for the record, we are still a ways out from having the archive accessible, but I starting to get pretty excited about it. In answer to Brian Robinson's request for a CD of the old factory 35mm scans, it is my goal to have all of this available online. We are developing a system that will serve resolutions on the fly. The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club member will be able to determine what resolution he/she wants based on their specific need.

1. We have scanned several hundred original factory 8 x 10 B&W prints. These prints were scanned as grayscale at 600 DPI, yielding a 70Mb uncompressed file. They look great. For the most part these scans cover 1956 through 1964. There's some great stuff here. Lots of unusual models and configurations, including a couple of dozen Cavalier Division photos, a couple of dozen Sea Skiff Division photos, many large cruisers, up to 65 footers including a few Roamer shots.

2. I scanned the entire 275 page Chris-Craft marketing communications plan from 1966 which I purchased from a non-member. This marketing plan is pretty fascinating with goals and strategies for each Chris-Craft Division.

3. Next, a 250 page, A-120 engine parts specification for all variations of the A-120, including race variations.

4. Next an article from Business Week 1964, "Building Boats Like Cars" an interview with Pompano execs with a tour of the plant. Some great photos in this article of big cruisers coming down the assembly line.

5. Newspaper clippings from December 1988 Miami Herald, disclosing Murray Chris-Craft's closing and pending reorganization.

6. 1964 article, "Hank Bowman Tests the Commander 38"

7. Complete color scans of 1941 Chris-Craft Water Ways catalog

This amounts to nearly 2,000 pages of content (documents and photos) that have been digitized in the past week or so.

Fun stuff.
Bill Basler
Director of Marketing and Membership
Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club

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Hoss Zaré Takes on The Fly Trap

Hoss Zaré in his newfound home: The Fly Trap.

Hoss Zaré began cooking more than 18 years ago in the kitchen of the SF institution, The Fly Trap. Now, Hoss is returning to the same SoMa spot where he once started as a line cook and ended up a chef. This time around (tonight to be exact), Hoss will open the doors to Zaré at Fly Trap and offer guests a little bit of history with a side order of modern Mediterranean.

A little history: In 1986 Hoss left his homeland of Iran to come to San Francisco. He’s owned many eponymous restaurants: Bistro Zaré and Zaré in FiDi on Sacramento Street. They had nine years of success before Hoss decided to close both San Francisco locations and open Zaré Napa. But San Francisco beckoned for Hoss to come back, and, after a yearlong hiatus to deal with the sudden death of both his parents, he’s returned to SF.

How does it feel to return to SF?
I feel even more at home here than I do in my homeland. I have a huge city family that includes friends and guests from the past nine years with my restaurant [Zaré on Sacramento]. Customers invite me into their homes and to their sons’ and daughters’ weddings.

What is it about The Fly Trap that has brought you back to it?
A lot of memories.

Has the space changed much from the old Fly Trap?
The only elements that I wanted to keep were the ceiling, wallpaper and the lights. It was too dark in here before, depressing, so we made the bricks in here red so people look over to the bar at happy hour and see color, and it makes them happy. It was like opening the curtains and letting a little light shine in.

What is your style of cooking?
I’ve cooked Italian, French and American cuisines but I have my own style. I like that every bite you take you get another element. If you bite and it all tastes the same it gets boring. One of the dishes I have here is marinated chickpeas with sour grapes. Instead of using capers I use the sour grapes. It has the same texture. I put sundried tomato, pine nuts and Italian parsley and barberries in it too, so every time you take a bite the flavors pop in your mouth. I say the style is Mediterranean, but Mediterranean can be anything.

How has the menu changed from the original Fly Trap?
I’ve twisted the flavors of what they used to have at The Fly Trap. There used to be a lot of ravioli, all different kinds—a list of tortellini. I just have one, conchiglioni, which is a big pig ear shaped pasta. I stuff it with lamb cheek Bolognese. So the idea of the menu, if you dissect it you see the backdrop of the old Fly Trap with a mixture of California and Mediterranean.

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Watch College Humor Show Episodes from MTV ONline

MTV lets us watch online the online gone TV show, the College Humor Show Online. Yes the College Humor internet site is now a show and has produced episodes on MTV. The CollegeHumor Show is a scripted sitcom that follows the daily lives of real-life employees of The Hollywood Reporter calls this “a look at the ‘offbeat’ workplace of the twentysomething-run web site” The show consists of comedy shorts, wrapped in a storyline,

The new MTV show premiered February 8th, 2009. So far two episodes have aired already with at least a total of 6 agreed upon.
Watch the College Humor Show Online
Catch full episodes via this link

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