Dancing With The Stars Cast

The Dancing with the Stars 11 cast was announced during tonight’s episode of Bachelor Pad, and… no huge surprises, as it’s all of the “celebs” that we had previously reported would appear on DWTS season 11.

12 new stars were revealed in Dancing with the Stars: The Announcement, a press conference hosted by Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke.


Brandy: platinum selling recording artist, actress, reality show star

Jennifer Grey: actress famous for her role in Dirty Dancing

Margaret Cho: actress, author, comedian

Audrina Patridge: reality star from The Hills

Florence Henderson: actress famous for being Brady Bunch mom

Bristol Palin: daughter of politician Sarah Palin

Michael Bolton: singer/songwriter

The Situation: reality star from The Jersey Shore

David Hasselhoff: actor/singer

Kurt Warner: NFL quarterback

Kyle Massey: actor/rapper

Rick Fox: pro basketball player

Dancing with the Stars premieres on Monday, September 20.

What do you think of the Dancing with the Stars cast? Could this be the worst DWTS cast list ever?

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Teresa Giudice Nephew

The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice went from flipping tables to tossing Andys during part one of the RHONJ Reunion Special tonight! The incident happened when the “ladies” were discussing whether or not Danielle had ever called to congratulate Jacqueline Laurita on the birth of her daughter and in her defense Danielle asked Teresa, “Did you acknowledge your nephew?”
At that point Teresa flew into a rage while repeatedly screeching “DO NOT BRING UP MY FAMILY!!!” Andy Cohen grabbed her and tried to pull her away from Danielle, and then she managed to throw Andy Cohen back into his chair while channeling superhuman strength a la King Kong! She was completely berserk and practically had to be given a tranquilizer shot to calm down!
Here’s the attack. (Warning – this clip is rated PG-13 for graphic violence!) Fast forward to about the 4:20 mark for the eruption.

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