'American Idol': Predictions for tonight

Tonight, the first 12 "American Idol" semifinalists sing for viewers' votes beginning at 8 p.m. on Fox. The group includes many fan favorites.

Leading the pack is Danny Gokey, the soulful Milwaukee crooner whose wife died shortly before his "Idol" audition. His back story and vocal talents have combined to make him invincible in many fans' eyes.

Another male singer to watch is Anoop Desai, of Chapel Hill, N.C. Nicknamed "Anoop Dog," he's earned a fan following thanks to YouTube videos of performances with his college a cappella group. Not to mention his widely circulated thesis on Southern barbecue.

Plenty of competitive female singers will perform tonight. But most eyes will be on Puerto Rico's Tatiana Del Toro, the singer whose annoying laugh and dramatic antics have already earned her support from Vote for the Worst.

Visit the Ledger's "Idol" blog for more information on the 36 semifinalists. Reporter Sonya Sorich will blog tonight's episode "live," so you can weigh in with comments throughout the show.


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GO ACT Scores in Northwest Glendale

The Sunroom Desk blog has an excellent article on GO ACT’s recent victory over T-Mobile. The reader’s digest version is that T-Mobile has withdrawn their plans to build a micro tower cell site in front of John McMahon’s home on Cumberland Rd.

While I am not generally in favor of blind NIMBY-ism, I really think GO ACT did a wonderful job of making a big corporation think of the consequences of their actions and making the government work harder to look after our interests.

This is what involved citizens can do. We can make a difference.


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The WTF Blanket. Slanket Parody

Particularly funny given that someone who shall not be named was planning to get one of these for a close relative this past xmas… slankets are officially off the list.

In the event you disagree and are still jonesing for a Slanket (remember, this is a blanket with sleeves… a backwards robe) you can get one here: The Slanket Fleece
and here: Even More Slanket Fleece


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Police: Pet chimpanzee, Travis, attacks woman in Stamford

current news
Travis the chimpanzee attempting to enter a vehicle after attacking a woman in Stamford Ct.

Travis the chimpanzee attempting to enter a vehicle after attacking a woman in Stamford Ct.
Escaped chimpanzee Travis is coaxed into a waiting sport utility vehicle in downtown Stamford, Conn. in 2003. O’Rourke/AP/AP

Escaped chimpanzee Travis is coaxed into a waiting sport utility vehicle in downtown Stamford, Conn. in 2003.

A teenage ape raised like a human went berserk in Connecticut Monday, badly mauling a friend of his owner before cops shot and killed him.

Sandy Herold tried to stop the rampage by stabbing her beloved pet chimp, Travis, with a butcher knife, cops said.

“In an effort to stop him, she had to go after her pet of many years,” said Stamford, Conn., police Capt. Rich Conklin.

But Travis, a normally docile 200-pound chimp that starred in a TV commercial for Old Navy cargo shorts and enjoyed human activities like drinking wine and surfing the Internet, could not be stopped.

When cops drove up around 4 p.m., the burly ape tore off a cruiser’s side mirror and opened the door.

The officers had “nowhere to retreat,” Conklin said, and shot him several times.

Bleeding from stab wounds and gunshots, 15-year-old Travis staggered down the driveway and into Herold’s house, where he collapsed and died in a zoolike cage the size of a room.

Conklin said it wasn’t clear what set him off, but theorized Travis’ bout with Lyme disease - which can cause panic attacks, paranoia, personality changes and mood swings in people - could be connected. Travis was taking medication for the disease, Conklin said.

“These actions have not been seen in the chimpanzee before. This animal had been raised as a member of the family,” Conklin said.

Conklin said Travis pounced on the victim, 55-year-old Charla Nash, as soon as she got out of her car to try to help Herold get the ape back in his cage.

He said Travis had been roaming in the yard after getting his hands on the house keys and freeing himself.

Herold, 70, had given the pyscho simian tea with Xanax to calm him down just before Nash arrived, cops said, and called 911 as the chimp mauled her friend.

A 911 dispatcher could hear the animal screaming in the background as he ripped into the victim.

Nash was in very critical condition at Stamford Hospital Monday night. She suffered serious facial injuries and may not survive, Conklin said. Her brother Steve Nash was rushing up from Virginia.

Herold told cops that Travis may not have recognized Charla Nash because she wore her normally long, flowing hair up Monday.

Herold and her husband, Jerome, who treated Travis almost like a child after the death of their daughter more than a decade ago, were distraught.

Conklin said the couple had owned Travis for close to 14 years.

Sandy Herold was taken to the hospital and treated for shock. Two cops were treated for minor injuries.

Neighbor Anthony Macary, 49, was flabbergasted that Travis had turned violent.

“He was a very friendly monkey. He was like a nephew,” Macary said.

Herold’s friend Lynn Mecca said Travis had known Charla Nash for years.

“I don’t know why he would do that,” she said.

But Mecca’s ex-husband Don Mecca said the ape had a mean streak and often was aggressive. He said he had warned Nash to be careful around Travis. “I told her, ‘Charla, don’t get close to that monkey when he is not in that cage,’” Mecca said.

Nash’s brother Steve said his sister was aware Travis could be moody.

“She knows at times [the chimp] had been a problem,” Steve Nash said. “She knows it wasn’t a healthy situation.”

The celebrity monkey was a media darling, however.

A 2003 feature story in the Stamford Advocate reported he liked to surf the Internet and watched TV with a remote, preferring baseball games if he could find them.

He watered plants, fed hay to the Herolds’ horses, ate at the table with his owners and drank wine from a stemmed glass.

Travis was known to the town cops because they worked with the Herolds’ towing company, Desire Me Towing. He would ride in the trucks, waving.

When the Herolds’ daughter was killed in a car crash, the ape appeared to mourn, holding her photo sadly, they told the paper.

In October 2003, the chimp made headlines when he jumped out of his owners’ SUV and commandeered a major intersection, holding cops at bay for two hours.

Travis had been in the vehicle when it stopped at a light, and someone in the next vehicle threw something at him, hitting him through an open window.

He unbuckled his seat belt and jumped out of the vehicle, wanting to play.

Cops arrived in a dozen cruisers but could not corral Travis, who was capering in the street, occasionally rolling on his back and charging at officers.

Officers, who had no tranquilizer gun, tried using cookies, macadamia nuts and ice cream to lure Travis into a cruiser. Nothing worked until he tired and got back into the Herolds’ SUV.

No charges were filed in that case. It is not illegal to own an exotic pet in Connecticut.

“That was more mischievous than vicious,” Conklin said. “It became something of a legend.”

Travis was also something of a celebrity in his younger days.

He co-starred with Morgan Fairchild in an Old Navy ad, filmed a TV pilot and appeared on “The Maury Povich Show.”

“Our closest relatives, we would like to think they can be domesticated,” Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy said Monday night. “Unfortunately, this is not always the case.”

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CrunchDeals: Woot-Off!

It’s a Woot-Off, kiddies. Time to stop what you are doing in your cubicle and start hitting the refresh button.

Me? I’m holding off for one of those LeakFrog thingies. Unfortunately I need one now that Spring is coming. It’s not fun being a homeowner. Anyway, woot-off!


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11 Chains Headed for Closings (Krispy Kreme and Six Flags too)

It’s possible that none of the firms on this list will liquidate, or even declare Chapter 11. Some may come up with unexpected revenue or creative financing that helps avert bankruptcy, while others could be purchased in whole or in part by creditors or other investors. But one way or another, the following 15 firms will probably look a lot different a year from now than they do today:

Rite Aid. (Ticker symbol: RAD; about 100,000 employees; 1-year stock-price decline: 92%). This drugstore chain tried to boost its performance by acquiring competitors Brooks and Eckerd in 2007. But there have been some nasty side effects, like a huge debt load that makes it the most leveraged drugstore chain in the U.S., according to Zacks Equity Research. That big retail investment came just as megadiscounter Wal-Mart was starting to sell prescription drugs, and consumers were starting to cut bank on spending. Management has twice lowered its outlook for 2009. Prognosis: Mounting losses, with no turnaround in sight.

Claire’s Stores. (Privately owned; about 18,000 employees.) Leon Black’s once-renowned private-equity firm, the Apollo Group, paid $3.1 billion for this trendy teen-focused accessory store in 2007, when buyout funds were bulging. But cash flow has been negative for much of the past year and analysts believe Claire’s is close to defaulting on its debt. A horrible retail outlook for 2009 offers no relief, suggesting Claire’s could follow Linens ‘n Things - another Apollo purchase - and declare Chapter 11, possibly shuttering all of its 3,000-plus stores.

Chrysler. Don’t feel bad for them at all, they make some of the WORST cars in the industry… feel bad for the people on the assembly lines tho…
(Privately owned; about 55,000 employees). It’s never a good sign when management insists the company is not going out of business, which is what CEO Bob Nardelli has been doing lately. Of the three Detroit automakers, Chrysler is the most endangered, with a product portfolio that’s overreliant on gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs and almost totally devoid of compelling small cars. A recent deal with Fiat seems dubious, since the Italian automaker doesn’t have to pony up any money, and Chrysler desperately needs cash. The company is quickly burning through $4 billion in government bailout money, and with car sales down 40 percent from recent peaks, Chrysler may be the weakling that can’t cut it in tough times.

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group. (DTG; about 7,000 employees; stock down 95%). This car-rental company is a small player compared to Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis Budget. It’s also more reliant on leisure travelers, and therefore more susceptible to a downturn as consumers cut spending. Dollar Thrifty is also closely tied to Chrysler, which supplies 80 percent of its fleet. Moody’s predicts that if Chrysler declares Chapter 11, Dollar Thrifty would suffer deeply as well.

Realogy Corp. The Real Estate industry…
(Privately owned; about 13,000 employees). It’s the biggest real-estate brokerage firm in the country, but that’s a bad thing when there are double-digit declines in both sales and prices, as there were in 2009. Realogy, which includes the Coldwell Banker, ERA, and Sotheby’s franchises, also carries a high debt load, dating to its purchase by the Apollo Group in 2007 - the very moment when the housing market was starting to invert from a soaring ride into a sickening nosedive. Realogy has been trying to refinance much of its debt, prompting lawsuits. One deal was denied by a judge in December, reducing the firm’s already tight wiggle room.

Station Casinos. (Privately owned, about 14,000 employees). Las Vegas has already been creamed by a biblical real-estate bust, and now it may face the loss of its home-grown gambling joints, too. Station - which runs 15 casinos off the strip that cater to locals - recently failed to make a key interest payment, which is often one of the last steps before a Chapter 11 filing. For once, the house seems likely to lose.

Loehmann’s Capital Corp. (Privately owned; about 1,500 employees). This clothing chain has the right formula for lean times, offering women’s clothing at discount prices. But the consumer pullback is hitting just about every retailer, and Loehmann’s has a lot less cash to ride out a drought than competitors like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. If Loehmann’s doesn’t get additional financing in 2009 - a dicey proposition, given skyrocketing unemployment and plunging spending - the chain could run out of cash.

Sbarro. Never was into their food..
(Privately owned; about 5,500 employees). It’s not the pizza that’s the problem. Many of this chain’s 1,100 storefronts are in malls, which is a double whammy: Traffic is down, since consumers have put away their wallets. Sbarro can’t really boost revenue by adding a breakfast or late-night menu, like other chains have done. And competitors like Domino’s and Pizza Hut have less debt and stronger cash flow, which could intensify pressure on Sbarro as key debt payments come due in 2009.

Six Flags. The advent of video games have killed this industry…
(SIX; about 30,000 employees; stock down 84%). This theme-park operator has been losing money for several years, and selling off properties to try to pay down debt and get back into the black. But the ride may end prematurely. Moody’s expects cash flow to be negative in 2009, and if consumers aren’t spending during the peak summer season, that could imperil the company’s ability to pay debts coming due later this year and in 2010.

Blockbuster. I’m surprised it took this long. Can somebody shout Netflix?
(BBI; about 60,000 employees; stock down 57%). The video-rental chain has burned cash while trying to figure out how to maximize fees without alienating customers. Its operating income has started to improve just as consumers are cutting back, even on movies. Video stores in general are under pressure as they compete with cable and Internet operators offering the same titles. A key test of Blockbuster’s viability will come when two credit lines expire in August. One possible outcome, according to Valueline, is that investors take the company private and then go public again when market conditions are better.

Krispy Kreme. is this a bad thing, those donuts will KILL you. (KKD; about 4,000 employees; stock down 50%). The donuts might be good, but Krispy Kreme overestimated Americans’ appetite - and that’s saying something. This chain overexpanded during the donut heyday of the 1990s - taking on a lot of debt - and now requires high volumes to meet expenses and interest payments. The company has cut costs and closed underperforming stores, but still hasn’t earned an operating profit in three years. And now that consumers are cutting back on everything, such improvements may fail to offset top-line declines, leading Krispy Kreme to seek some kind of relief from lenders over the next year.

Landry’s Restaurants. (LNY; about 17,000 employees; stock down 66%). This restaurant chain, which operates Chart House, Rainforest Café, and other eateries, needs $400 million in new financing to finalize a buyout deal dating to last June. If lenders come through, the company should have enough cash to ride out the recession. But at least two banks have already balked, leading to downgrades of the company’s debt and the prospect of a cash-flow crunch.

Sirius Satellite Radio. (SIRI - parent company; about 1,000 employees; stock down 96%). The music rocks, but satellite radio has yet to be profitable, and huge contracts for performers like Howard Stern are looking unsustainable. Sirius is one of two satellite-radio services owned by parent company Sirius XM, which was formed when Sirius and XM merged last year. So far, the merger hasn’t generated the savings needed to make the company profitable, and Moody’s thinks there’s a “high likelihood” that Sirius will fail to repay or refinance its debt in 2009. One outcome could be a takeover, at distressed prices, by other firms active in the satellite business.

Trump Entertainment Resorts Holdings. (TRMP; about 9,500 employees; stock down 94%). The casino company made famous by The Donald has received several extensions on interest payments, while it tries to sell at least one of its Atlantic City properties and pay down a stack of debt. But with casino buyers scarce, competition circling, and gamblers nursing their losses from the recession, Trump Entertainment may face long odds of skirting bankruptcy.

BearingPoint. (BGPT; about 16,000 employees; stock down 21%). This Virginia-based consulting firm, spun out of KPMG in 2001, is struggling to solve its own operating problems. The firm has consistently lost money, revenue has been falling, and management stopped issuing earnings guidance in 2008. Stable government contracts generate about 30 percent of the firm’s business, but the firm may sell other divisions to help pay off debt. With a key interest payment due in April, management needs to hustle - or devise its own exit strategy.


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You Had Us At Chimp Attack

hat chimp attack in Connecticut? Startling, upsetting story, to say the least.

200-pound pet chimpanzee in Stamford, Connecticut severely mauls a woman. Owner stabs chimp repeatedly but fails to stop the attack. Chimp goes after police when they arrive on the scene. Police officer fatally shoots chimp. You may know chimp from Old Navy ads (the ones with Morgan Fairchild). Chimp knew how to use a computer, drink wine “from a stemmed glass,” bathe himself.

Really, no need to sensationalize this story. Just the basic facts (the first sentence or two above, really) should suffice to grab folks’ attention. (Not to mention a woman is critically injured, so some restraint and tastefulness are in order).

But….. no. That urge to sex up the story prevails. How’s it done? A few examples courtesy of cable and the tabloids.

Emphasize that the “rampage” occurred in a nice neighborhood, as on CNN ‘s American Morning this morning:

…this all unfolded in the upscale community of Stamford, Connecticut.
Inspire nightmares by invoking a popular children’s character, like the New York Post on its cover today: “FURIOUS GEORGE!”

Play up the chimp’s “star” status (not your average ape), as in these two story teases on CNN this morning:

A celebrity chimp goes after police and leaves a woman clinging to life.

Gap commercial chimp on a rampage.
(As well as this New York Daily News front-page headline: “ATTACK OF THE TV APE.”)

Or, while emphasizing the ape’s acting career, also cast it as some sort of simian Hannibal Lecter. Fox & Friends’ Gretchen Carlson (emphasis mine):

Very, very serious story about this TV chimpanzee. Did you hear about this? 200-pound chimp, once a star, goes on a rampage in Connecticut and tries to eat a woman alive.
Really. You had us at chimp attack.


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Motorola Bluetooth USB Dongle

incere Apologies to Danny Kaye (Who Should, in Turn, Apologize to the Congolese)

Each morning at midnight there’s a new thing up at Woot’s web site / And a dumb product description that tells me why I’ve got to buy it

And although I check it daily, it seems like usually
Whatever they’re selling, well, the thing’s just not for me

Oh, bongo, bongo, bongo not another Bluetooth dongle
Ai yi yi yi yi yi
Bingle, bangle, bongle I don’t need a Bluetooth dongle I refuse to buy
Don’t want no PC-cell-phone data transfer
That’s just no fun
So no matter how they coax me
I don’t want one

I read through the forum just to see if there was any hype
(The Woot forum? Wha’ hopp’n?)
I saw somebody say this thing could let you use your Bluetooth headset with Skype
Or, if you’re into gaming, as a Bluetooth gaming mic
But, man, it’s been years since any game came out I like

Oh, bongo, bongo, bongo not another Bluetooth dongle
Ai yi yi yi yi yi
Bingle, bangle, bongle I don’t need a Bluetooth dongle I refuse to buy
Don’t want to back up all my cell phone contacts
On my PC
So no matter what the price is
It’s not for me

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty Features:

  • Gives your PC computer or laptop bluetooth capabilities
  • Back up your cellphone contacts to a computer (bluetooth capable phone required)
  • Use a bluetooth headset as a microphone on a PC, great for voice communication applications
  • Pair with another computer that has bluetooth (or get 2) and transfer files
  • Small design, take it with you where ever you need it
  • Range up to 30 feet
  • Bluetooth 1.1 compatible
  • Blue LED indicator light
  • Pairs with up to 7 devices
  • Dimensions: 2”L x 5/8” W x 3/8” H
  • Weight: .4 oz

In the box:

  • Motorola SYN0717A Bluetooth USB Dongle


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Gilles Bensimon or Jills Bensimon or Kelly Killoren Bensimon? (Photo and Video)

Gilles Bensimon or Jills Bensimon?

Who is Gilles Bensimon or Jills Bensimon? That made me curious too. Why do people search for Gilles Bensimon or Jills? I think what they mean is Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Kelly Killoren Bensimon is the new star of the "The Real Housewives of New York City."

I don't have the Kelly Killoren Bensimon photos but there's a video from MSNBC. Video after the jump.


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Chimp owner begs police in 911 call to stop attack

he frantic owner of a 200-pound chimpanzee that went berserk in Connecticut pleaded with police over the phone to help her stop the animal from mauling her friend, begging them to "Hurry, please! He ripped her face off."In this Oct. 20, 2003 photo, Travis, a 10-year-old chimpanzee, sits in the corner of his playroom at the home of Sandy and Jerome Herold in Stamford, Conn. The 175-pound (80-kilogram) chimpanzee kept as a pet was shot and killed by a police officer Monday, Feb. 16, 2009 after it attacked a woman visiting its owners' home, leaving her with serious facial injuries, authorities said.

Police in Stamford released 911 tapes of Sandra Herold's desperate call to police Monday as her 15-year-old chimp, Travis, was attacking 55-year-old Charla Nash.

The chimp can be heard grunting at times on the tape, as Herold cries, "He's killing my friend!"

The dispatcher says, "Who's killing your friend?"

Herold replies, "My chimpanzee! He ripped her apart! Shoot him, shoot him!"

After police arrive, one officer radios back: "There's a man down. He doesn't look good," he says, referring to the disfigured Nash. "We've got to get this guy out of here. He's got no face."

The chimp attacked Nash as Herold, 70, frantically stabbed her beloved pet with a butcher knife and pounded him with a shovel.

"He looked at me like, 'Mom, what did you do?'" Herold told NBC's "Today Show" in an interview aired Wednesday. "It was horrific what happened and I had to do what I had to do, but still, I'll miss him for the rest of my life."

Nash remained was in critical condition early Wednesday with major injuries to her face and hands.

Police said they are looking into the possibility of criminal charges. A pet owner can be held criminally responsible if he or she knew or should have known that an animal was a danger to others.

Police said that the chimp was agitated earlier Monday and that Herold had given him the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in some tea. Police said the drug had not been prescribed for the 14-year-old chimp.

In humans, Xanax can cause memory loss, lack of coordination, reduced sex drive and other side effects. It can also lead to aggression in people who were unstable to begin with, said Dr. Emil Coccaro, chief of psychiatry at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

"Xanax could have made him worse," if human studies are any indication, Coccaro said.

Investigators said they were also told that Travis had Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness with flu-like symptoms that can lead to arthritis and meningitis in humans.

"Maybe from the medications he was out of sorts," Stamford police Capt. Richard Conklin said.

Nash had gone to Herold's home in Stamford on Monday to help her coax the chimp back into the house after he got out, police said. After the animal lunged at Nash when she got out of her car, Herold ran inside to call 911 and returned with a knife.

After the initial attack, Travis ran away and started roaming Herold's property until police arrived, setting up security so medics could reach the critically injured woman, Conklin said.

But the chimpanzee returned and went after several of the officers, who retreated into their cars, Conklin said. An officer shot Travis several times after the animal opened the door to his cruiser and started to get in.

The wounded chimpanzee fled into the house and retreated to his living quarters, where he died.

Herold, a widow whose daughter was killed in a car accident several years ago, told the Today Show that the incident was "a freak thing."

She said Travis "couldn't have been more my son than if I gave birth to him," and rejected criticism that chimpanzees are inappropriate pets.

"It's a horrible thing, but I'm not a horrible person and he's not a horrible chimp." she said.

The unexplained attack was uncharacteristic of Travis, a veteran of TV commercials who could eat at the table, drink wine from a stemmed glass, use the toilet, and dress and bathe himself.

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Mega Millions winning numbers

he Associated Press

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
ATLANTA — Here are the winning numbers selected Tuesday in the Mega Millions lottery:
(one, nine, twenty-three, twenty-seven, thirty-three)
Mega Ball:
$103 million
Feb 17, 2009 - 12:13 p.m. EDT
Copyright 2009, The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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• Wednesday's Classic Lotto:
11, 13, 15, 17, 39, 49; no $11.3 million jackpot winner. Saturday's jackpot: $11.5 million.

• Wednesday's Rolling Cash 5 : 5, 10, 17, 23, 30; at least one $130,000 jackpot winner. Tonight's jackpot: $100,000.

• Wednesday's Pick 3 number (midday drawing): 120.

• Pick 3 number (evening drawing): 889.

• Wednesday's Pick 4 number (midday drawing): 5573.

• Pick 4 numbers (evening drawing): 5274.

• Wednesday's Ten-OH! numbers (midday drawing): 7, 12, 16, 19, 23, 28, 31, 32, 34, 35, 38, 47, 48, 53, 57, 60, 64, 66, 73, 79.

• Wednesday's Ten-OH! numbers (evening drawing): 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 12, 16, 18, 29, 31, 34, 37, 38, 39, 52, 59, 61, 69, 74, 77.

• Tuesday's Rolling Cash 5: 7, 24, 25, 30, 35.

• Tuesday's Kicker: 892363.

• No Tuesday Mega Millions winners. Friday's estimated jackpot: $21 million.

• Tuesday's Mega Millions: 1, 9, 10, 35, 46. Mega ball: 9.

2 tickets with 5 numbers, $250,000 each; 13 with 4 numbers plus Mega ball, $10,000 each; 913 with 4 numbers, $150 each; 1,244 with 3 numbers plus Mega ball, $150 each; 20,316 with 2 numbers plus the Mega ball, $10 each; 53,157 with 3 numbers, $7 each; 113,221 with 1 number plus the Mega ball, $3 each; 199,179 with Mega ball, $2 each.

For Ohio Lottery payout figures, visit http://www.ohiolottery.com.


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Elizabeth Wong's Nude Photos And Videos Victim Of Scandal In Malaysia Politics

Outspoken Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong lodged a police report at the Damansara police station here Sunday night over nude pictures and videos of her that have been circulating via MMS.
In a statement released Monday afternoon, Wong said that the distribution and publication of these photos/ video was a malicious attack.
“This constitutes a gross outrage on my modesty, a gross invasion of my privacy, and in particular the sanctity of my personal life,” she said (see statement in full below).
“I have received a lot of support from my supporters, friends, colleagues and members of my constituency. I wish to thank them for their concern, support and encouragement.
“My family members are standing behind me. I would like to appeal to the media to give me and my family members some breathing space in this trying time so that I can weather this huge challenge,” she added.
OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed confirmed a report was lodged and that police were investigating.

He appealed anyone who has received or seen the nude pictures of Wong to come forward and cooperate with the police.
"We don't have the pictures and we have not seen them, either," he said.
The pictures are believed to have been taken using a handphone, possibly before the general election last March.
Police sources said that the Commercial Crimes Division has been put in charge of the investigation.
Wong won the Bukit Lanjan seat with a majority of over 5,000, the second largest majority won by a PKR state assembly candidate in Selangor.
She was later appointed a member of the Selangor state executive council, in charge of Tourism, Consumer Affairs and the Environment. She is also the information chief of the Women’s wing of PKR and of her division Petaling Jaya Utara.
As at press time, she had not commented on the issue on her blog.
Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim urged the police to conduct a proper investigation into the matter.
He told reporters at the Parliament lobby in Kuala Lumpur that the Selangor state executive council would discuss the matter during its meeting on Wednesday.
“Someone is trying to frame her," said Khalid, adding that he was waiting for the police report before commenting further.
“The party will discuss the matter with regard to her status. It is unfair to make any decision at this moment without any information," he said.
PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said she would look into the matter and said she felt sad that it happened.
“There is a pattern of PKR assemblymen being attacked,” she said, alleging that the ruling coalition Barisan nasional has had its share of scandals too.
Selangor exco member and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok said she had nightmares after learning about the incident.
“This is like invading a person’s privacy and the incident took place at her home.
“The whole incident could be politically motivated,” said Kok, adding that there must be someone purposely circulating the photos.
“She did not do anything that is against the people’s wishes. She is a victim and I support her," said Kok.
Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) said the party would wait for Wong to explain the situation to the Selangor mentri besar.
“We don’t want to know if these are old or new nude pictures. She must explain to us and if she is really guilty of having posed or was involved in the taking of these pictures, we will not hesitate to take action.
“But we don’t want to make any speculation as yet,” he said, adding that he had earlier discussed the matter with both Khalid and Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
“And they both agreed that we should not compromise on any disciplinary action. We will leave it to the mentri besar to decide if she is guilty or not as he is the head of the state,” he said.

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