High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 5 - updated weekly

Once again HSP showing up online is a crapshoot. I was in transit most of the day but had a colleague on the lookout for the videos as they came online. It is after midnight central and still no videos online. Hopefully something will show up for tomorrow morning. We have made a pretty serious commitment to bringing everyone these videos but it can be frustrating.
High Stakes Poker Season 5 episode 5 resumes this weekend. Weekly we put up the shows as soon as they show up online. This season so far has been full of action with the blinds being double the previous show (this season the blinds are 400-800). While there are many familiar faces thus far the clear leader of the play has been online superstar Tom “Durrrr” Dwan. Last weeks show saw Tom with a big lead on Barry Greenstein with Aces only to have Barry catch up to him hitting two pair for the biggest pot of the season (over 500k).

High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 1, this show capped off the season that was much anticipated. While High Stakes Poker has long been the most popular show on GSN they experimented briefly with the World Poker Tour causing a year and a half hiatus. This show is the beginning of the coming out party for Tom Dwan. While Dwan is a relative unknown to poker fans he is very well known amongst online poker fans. Durrrr, is he is known online, is one of the biggest winners of the “young guns” and his unorthodox style clearly has the table baffled.

High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 2. Week two featured a hand that will not soon be forgotten between Tom Dwan, Peter Eastgate and Barry Greenstein. It is the last hand of the night but you will want to continue to watch. This hand seemingly set up some hands in future shows.

High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 3. This show basically was the unravelling of Daniel Negreanu, “Kid Poker” found himself zigging when he should have been zagging all night. Eventually Daniel runs into quads, Daniel previously lost with quads against Gus Hansen when Gus caught bigger quads, while this was not near as big of a bad beat David Benyamine rakes in the enormous pot. Once again extending Daniel’s unlucky streak on HSP.

High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 4. This is the show mentioned above where Barry holds Jh and 9h and manages to get it all in with top pair against Dwan’s Aces.


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General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner will step down from his position immediately as recently reported by various news associations. This comes about maybe as a slight surprise on the eve of President Barack Obama’s expected announcement of a deadline for Chrysler and General Motors to finalize their terms for restructuring or deciding on a Chapter 11 bankruptcy package.
As the economy shows no apparent signs of improvement except for the recent stock market rallies the auto industry continues to suffer and look for some type of outlet. The outlet for Rick Wagoner was specifically requested by the Obama administration.
Rick Wagoner spent 32 years with GM and in part over-seeing the operations of General Motors all through its better days and recent slump.
Below after the jump is the official message from Rick Wagoner and GM’s board restructuring announcement.


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asiNotes: For entertainer Tony Pace, variety is the spice of his act

SOME PERFORMERS may take umbrage in being called a "throwback." Tony Pace revels in it.
Pace, who will have the distinction of being Atlantic City's first casino headliner of 2009 when he opens a five-night run Sunday at the Atlantic City Hilton, is a classic variety artist. His one-man, semi-autobiographical show, dubbed "Up On the Roof," combines straight singing, musical-comedy numbers, stand-up bits, audience-participation shtick and impressions to create a wonderfully entertaining package that recalls great entertainers of the mid-20th century such as Sammy Davis Jr. and Danny Kaye.

"It's like medicine," said the 48-year-old Massachusetts native, who now lives in Las Vegas with his wife and two teenagers. "Everyone's going into specialization. I'm the general practitioner."

According to Pace, who for years has been billed as "The Man With the Voice Who Just Happens to Be Funny," working from the variety blueprint is the best way for him to accomplish his onstage goals.

"I chose this format because the most important aspect for me is to have people forget their problems when they come to see me," he explained. "I want them to take the roller-coaster ride - laugh and cry and forget about everything outside those doors for an hour.

"I wouldn't be able to do that if I was just billed as a singer or comic or impressionist. In order to be the general practitioner, I have to know it all. I have to feel it all."

While hardly a household name, Pace is no stranger to AyCee audiences. A few years ago, he made a bid to become a Las Vegas-style resident headliner at the Screening Room, the jewel box of a theater on the 13th floor of Resorts Atlantic City.

He won glowing reviews and a loyal following during his six-month run, but permanent success there escaped him, primarily because Atlantic City's gaming industry has traditionally been based on repeat customers. Vegas depends heavily on less-frequent visitors, which creates a potentially larger market for shows of that kind. As a result, casino execs in Atlantic City prefer to book different acts rather than more permanent attractions.

While much of "Up On the Roof" at the Hilton might be familiar to those who caught Pace at Resorts, he insisted that it will not be the exact same show.

" 'Up On the Roof' at Resorts put out material without a real storyline to it," he explained. "Now it has a storyline. The evolution has come with time. As you do something over and over, you develop a polish to it. Some material has changed, but it's more in the structure."

It's not that Pace prefers to keep doing the same material, but in order to survive, a performer has to give the people what they want.

"We have people who come back because they remembered a certain song or [comedy bit]. They'll say to a friend, 'You've got to see this guy. He did . . . XYZ.' Like [the '60s hit] 'Cara Mia.' I'd like to move away from 'Cara Mia,' but there are people who come specifically to hear it."

Although the current economic situation is and is expected to continue taking its toll on the entertainment scene, Pace is optimistic about the new year. Topping his to-do list for 2009 is completing two long-in-the-works CDs of original music and getting them national distribution. He's also hoping to realize his dream of being at least a semiresident casino performer.

"What I'd really love to do is be in Atlantic City once a month for two nights the entire year. And do the same thing in Vegas," he said, adding that he'd also like to find a television gig.

Pace is also planning a series of shows staged in conjunction with the Freemasons that he describes as "an enrichment program for children."

The idea, he suggested, is to have as many balls in the air as possible. "I have always been diversified," he said. "Diversification keeps me in the public eye. And it takes the stress from putting all your eggs in one basket."

Atlantic City Hilton, Boardwalk at Boston Avenue, 7 p.m. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 2 p.m. Tuesday, $15, 800-736-1420, www.ticketmaster.com.

Gotta 'Dance'

On Tuesday, the Tropicana raises the curtain on the year's first extended-run program, "Spirit of the Dance." The revue, a worldwide smash for the past decade, is heavy on traditional Irish choreography but also delves into such terpsichorean realms as flamenco and salsa. It runs through Feb. 19. *
Tropicana, Boardwalk at Brighton Avenue, 8 p.m. Monday, 3:30 and 8 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 p.m. Saturday, 3:30 and 7 p.m. Sunday, $25, 800-736-1420, www.ticketmaster.com.

Chuck Darrow has covered Atlantic City and the casino industry for more than 20 years. Read his blog at

http://go.philly.com/casinotes. Or e-mail him at darrowc@phillynews.com.


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"The Fox Nation" Goes Live Today

Fox News is launching its new web site, "The Fox Nation" today. Here's an opinion piece by Grover Norquist on the new site...

FOX Nation for America
By Grover Norquist

Founder and President, Americans for Tax Reform

I believe that FOX Nation has the potential to do to the Internet what FOX News did to cable television. That is, be a disruptive, transformative–but also profoundly constructive–media force.

Just as FOX News brought a new vision and voice to the media landscape in the 90s–fair and balanced reporting, plus strong debate and commentary–so FOX Nation will bring still more vision and voice in the decade to come. Only this time, the vision and voice will come from you, the American people. That’s right: Thanks to FOX Nation, all Americans will now have a landmark forum, a watershed opportunity to speak out on the issues they care about, want to learn more about–and do more about.

FOX Nation itself takes no position on issues–although unlike so many other Web portals, FOX Nation does begin with the presumption that America is a special and unique place, a blessed land to be treasured and defended.

So members of the Leave Us Alone Coalition, I predict, are going to love FOX Nation as it fully rolls out in the weeks and months to come. That’s right, conservatives, libertarians, and other believers in limited government have found a new home–at FOX Nation.

The Leave Us Alone Coalition consists of all Americans who want the government to stay out of their lives, confining itself and its power to protecting the vital concerns of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Other than that, we believe, the government–federal, state, and local–should Leave Us Alone. Let us make our livings, let us raise our children, let us run our lives, without the dead hand of statist intervention.

The Leave Us Alone Coalition is not asking the government for others’ money, time, or attention. Instead, we want to control our own money, control our own property, and control our own destiny. That’s the American Way.

And that’s why I am confident that the Leave Us Alone Coalition will appreciate the larger power of FOX Nation. Of course, FOX Nation will only be as good as the American people. Which is to say, FOX Nation, indeed, has the potential to be great.

Across our history, Americans have made use of new tools in their struggle for freedom, just as the government has often used those same tools in its effort to suppress freedom.

But I believe, deep in my heart, that in the long run, freedom is always the victor, because freedom taps into the deepest creative wellsprings of the human spirit. Free people, and people who want to be free, will always fight the hardest. And now free people have yet another tool in FOX Nation.


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