Big Foot Silva Beats Fedor Emelianenko

A shocking fight! The underdog, Big Foot Silva, dominated most of the fight. Both Fedor and Silva started the first round swinging huge punches at each other, with Silva landing the cleaner shots. I think the size difference played a big part in this fight. The rest of the first round was back and forth, with some action against the cage. Silva managed to take Fedor down and looked in control. However, Fedor turned the tables and went for an arm lock but Silva managed to get out of it. Silva managed to take Fedor down again, luckily for Fedor it was the end of the round because Silva was in a dominant position and Fedor looked like he would have been in trouble if the round hadn't of ended. Fedors guard was worryingly low. The first round was given to Fedor by the judges, possibly for aggression.

The second round was all Big Foot Silva. Instantly, Silva got Fedor on the floor with a perfectly timed take down. Fedor was mounted several times, and it looked to be all over when Silva, with a full mount on Fedor, was putting a serious beating on Fedor with some vicious ground and pound. Fedor looked totally gassed out. Silva was also very close to getting an arm triangle at one point but Fedor somehow managed to weather the storm and break free. But Silva was consistant, keeping the dominant ground position and almost choking Fedor out on more then one occasion. Silva went for a foot lock, but Fedor got out and went for his own Sambo heel lock, but it didn't seem to bother Silva too much, and there was only a few seconds left of the second round, not long enough to apply the pressure needed for a submission. This was a 10 - 8 round for Silva. Big Foot Silva used his size and weight advantage to full effect, doing a good job of tiring Fedor out against the cage, and in particular, on the ground.

At the end of the second round the fight was stopped because Fedors eye was swollen shut, so there was no choice but to stop the fight. Fedor looked terrible afterwards sporting a huge swollen shut black eye and various big bruises to his forehead from the ground and pound.

A sad night for all Fedor fans, but a well deserved win for Big Foot Silva, he fought a great fight.

Fedor said after the fight that this might have been his last fight, and he may now retire.
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