Pope reinstates Holocaust denier Bishop Williamson:Hot and Latest News
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Pope reinstates Holocaust denier Bishop Williamson

The lifting of the ex-communication decree on British Bishop Richard Williamson is further evidence that Pope Ratzi is unfit for office. Williamson is a Holocaust denier: he says: "Not one Jew was killed in the gas chambers." He thinks 2-300,000 Jews were killed in the Nazi concentration camps but not by gassing. Williamson is a fraud in cleric garb, an anti-Semite who in Germany (where he gave the interview below) would now be in jail.

He claims that there has been a "huge exploitation" of Germany which has paid "millions and millions of euros in compensation" because it has a guilt complex over the gassings he does not think happened: in effect he's saying Germany is the victim of a monumental historical fraud. The evidence for the gas chambers is so overwhelming that his contentions need no detailed reply.

His reinstatement is part of the Pope's wish to bring the ultra-conservative Society of St Pius X back into the Vatican's fold. Ever the scholarly dogmatist, Ratzi cares nothing for the memory of Nazi victims, everything for the unity of his corrupt Church which failed the Jewish people doing the Holocaust.

Listen to Wiliamson yourself. Holocaust Memorial Day is on January 27.

Source : http://madamearcati.blogspot.com

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