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Gemase Simmons

I love Gemase Simmons! What you never heard of him? Thats because he is a real life fake hollywood dude. I know that that sentence is jsut full of irony but it’s true. Let me explain. Gemase Simmons fooled other idiots into participating in his fake reality tv show. Incredible. He actually has a fake business and everything. I don’t konw how this story broke but it did and he has now been exposed. Gemase Simmons suckered people into thinking that he actually has a reality tv show and the prize was fifty grand. He hired a camera man from texas and never paid him. The camera man kept all the tapes and exposed him. Gemase Simmons is only 28 years old but he duped a lot of assholes. I think all these hollywood people truly, truly are assholes and anyone pathetic enough to crave being on a reality show deserves to be duped. These shows make me sick. What’s wrong with America these days?

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