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Thursday LOST Blogging: 316

So, last night’s episode 316, was in my humble opinion quite the killer.

The episode opened up just like the very first episode of the show — with Jack’s eye opening, and a zoom out revealing that he is startled to find himself lying in the jungle in a pretty nice suit. What’s happening? Are we back in Season 1 for some reason? Has Jack also become unstuck in time? And then: wait! I know this scene like the back of my hand, and Jack was wearing a white shirt. That shirt looks blue! This is new! Hey, that’s not his mini vodka bottle . . . is that Hurley? Oh shit.

And it was awesome.

What else happened in this episode? Well, everything. We find out that Jack is back on the island, and Hurley and Kate at least are with him. We then flash back to 36 hours earlier, to find Jack, Sun, Ben and Desmond meeting with Eloise Hawking, or Daniel Faraday’s mother. Eloise takes them to the Lamp Post, a Dharma station that has the purpose of finding the island. She confirms the long-held suspicion that the island is always moving. Which is a pretty damn big reveal.

Desmond freaks out at Eloise and leaves. Eloise tells them all that they need to be on a flight 316, to Guam, in order to get back to the island, and they need to as carefully recreate the circumstances of the original flight as possible. She also takes Jack aside and explains that for that reason, Jack has to give Locke (or his dead body) something that belongs to his father, and also that Locke committed suicide. Another big reveal.

Jack goes home, and Kate shows up clearly distraught. Aaron is not with her, and she won’t tell Jack what happened — indeed, she makes him promise to never ask her again. Jack seems strangely unconcerned, probably because he’s so interested in doing it with her. Everyone else seems unconcerned about Aaron’s whereabouts for the rest of the episode. Jack gives Locke Christian’s shoes and reveals why Christian’s wearing those running shoes on the island. Ha! Also, Ben totally got his ass kicked by someone, but everyone seems rather unconcerned about that as well.

Sun, Jack and Kate all show up at the airport. Then, we’re rather surprised to see a really greasy looking Sayid there, too, in the custody of some kind of law enforcement official. I guess we’ve got the fugitive part of the flight recreated right there. Sayid seems rather surprised and displeased to see everyone, and yet also looks rather strangely surprised when the plane starts crashing. Slow, Sayid, slow. Hurley also shows up, but won’t say how he knows that he was supposed to be there. I think we’re supposed to assume his best-dead-friend Charlie. Oh, and Frank Lapidus is flying the plane.

Then, Jack, Hurley and Kate are on the island again. They’re about to split up and look for Sun, Sayid, Ben, Frank and other possible survivors . . . until a new Dharma van comes rolling out of the jungle! A man in a Dharma jumpsuit steps out and points a gun at them, only to have it revealed that the man is . . . Jin!

Wow, that is a lot of stuff, isn’t it?

So, on those reveals. I was pretty sure that the island was regularly in motion, though it’s great to know it for sure. It’s also good to know how Locke died, and it seems that we’re going to learn a lot more about this next episode. I was clearly proven right in my prediction last week that the island was going to move back in time, to a point where Dharma was still on the island — thus explaining why Faraday was hanging out with Dr. Candle in the first episode, and how he told Charlotte not to come back to the island. I so knew that Frank was going to come back at some point, though I was silly enough to not predict that it would happen in this way, because no one gets to just leave the show without dying.

Questions/Concerns: Where the fuck is Aaron? Did Kate know she had to go back to the island, take the message from Claire to not bring him back seriously, and give him away? Did someone take him? Why? And I know you want to do it with her Jack, but seriously, that unconcerned? Speaking of unconcerned, I know that they all hate Ben, but not a single comment on the bloody head and broken arm? And also speaking of unconcerned, why does no one seem to care what the hell Sayid is doing there? Why is Sun still so unconcerned about leaving her daughter, Ji Yeon, behind seemingly forever? Why are they unconcerned about how Hurley got there? And other than Hurley who buys 75 plane tickets to prevent more people from crashing, and Jack inquiring in passing, why does everyone seem so unconcerned about the other folks on the plane who are going to crash with them? In short, why is everyone on that show so damn unconcerned about everything? Is Desmond the only one who asks questions around here?

And speaking of Desmond, what’s going to happen with him off the island? Wait, sudden thought — is that what happened with Ben? Did he go to try to kill Penny, AKA Widmore’s daughter, like he said he would?


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