High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 5 - updated weekly:Hot and Latest News
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High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 5 - updated weekly

Once again HSP showing up online is a crapshoot. I was in transit most of the day but had a colleague on the lookout for the videos as they came online. It is after midnight central and still no videos online. Hopefully something will show up for tomorrow morning. We have made a pretty serious commitment to bringing everyone these videos but it can be frustrating.
High Stakes Poker Season 5 episode 5 resumes this weekend. Weekly we put up the shows as soon as they show up online. This season so far has been full of action with the blinds being double the previous show (this season the blinds are 400-800). While there are many familiar faces thus far the clear leader of the play has been online superstar Tom “Durrrr” Dwan. Last weeks show saw Tom with a big lead on Barry Greenstein with Aces only to have Barry catch up to him hitting two pair for the biggest pot of the season (over 500k).

High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 1, this show capped off the season that was much anticipated. While High Stakes Poker has long been the most popular show on GSN they experimented briefly with the World Poker Tour causing a year and a half hiatus. This show is the beginning of the coming out party for Tom Dwan. While Dwan is a relative unknown to poker fans he is very well known amongst online poker fans. Durrrr, is he is known online, is one of the biggest winners of the “young guns” and his unorthodox style clearly has the table baffled.

High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 2. Week two featured a hand that will not soon be forgotten between Tom Dwan, Peter Eastgate and Barry Greenstein. It is the last hand of the night but you will want to continue to watch. This hand seemingly set up some hands in future shows.

High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 3. This show basically was the unravelling of Daniel Negreanu, “Kid Poker” found himself zigging when he should have been zagging all night. Eventually Daniel runs into quads, Daniel previously lost with quads against Gus Hansen when Gus caught bigger quads, while this was not near as big of a bad beat David Benyamine rakes in the enormous pot. Once again extending Daniel’s unlucky streak on HSP.

High Stakes Poker Season 5, episode 4. This is the show mentioned above where Barry holds Jh and 9h and manages to get it all in with top pair against Dwan’s Aces.


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