Lindsay Lohan Is Irresponsibly Free (Photos):Hot and Latest News
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Lindsay Lohan Is Irresponsibly Free (Photos)

Lindsay Lohan’s arrest warrant was nothing more than a major misunderstanding according to the actress’ lawyer Shawn Chapman. The arrest warrant was issued due to failure to attend three sessions of “alcohol education classes” in a 21-day period. But the truth is Lindsay “had been in one programme but left that programme” for another because of a “personality conflict”.

The Mean Girls star is off the hook for now but she will have to show new proof of enrollment in a programme by April 3rd. Lindsay had a rough weekend: first the arrest warrant, then she had a nasty fight with her lover Samantha Ronson, which ended up with a broken window and police. Today Lindsay was spotted outside her house looking like she is recovering from a pretty bad hangover.


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