Obama: Chavez’s Gift Was A “Nice Gesture”:Hot and Latest News
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Obama: Chavez’s Gift Was A “Nice Gesture”

The whole point of Chavez giving Obama that book was to create an opportunity for himself to go back to Venezuela and appear on his state-run media and scream about how he confronted the imperialist devil Americans and slapped a digest of their sins right in their faces. Unwittingly (I hope, because if Obama did this on purpose he’s a worse leader than I thought) Obama created a wonderful propaganda moment for Chavez that the red-shirted “President for life” tyrant will no doubt be exploiting for years.

And for Obama’s part, there’s not really anything he can do. He went there to try and “charm” people like Chavez. He took th book. Now he’s got to pretend like Chavez didn’t just play him for a fool.


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