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Daisy of Love Reunion

Daisy de la Hoya chose London as the love her life on the season finale of her show 'Daisy of Love' Sunday. Daisy made her choice after bringing the men to Maui for an elimination and alone dates with her final two bachelors.
Love letters from Daisy

Riki brought the men letters from Daisy and had them read the letters out loud in front of each other.

Flex's letter was heartfelt in the beginning but deteriorated fast. Daisy said Flex can be a huge hot head, which is true, and she worries maybe his temper is too much for her, something he hated to her and completely disagreed with.
London's letter was also hard for him to read. In the letter Daisy said she wasn't sure she could trust London because every time they got close he would run away.
12 Pack's letter wasn't so bad, but he was hurt by the fact that Daisy said she doesn't feel like he has shown her his true feelings, yet.

Boarding and Dinner
Before her final dinner with the men Daisy took the bachelors paddle boarding. The group had a great time, and Daisy was excited by how open Flex was to trying something new. It took 12 Pack and London a little extra time to get in the water, but once they did they had a great time falling off their boards.
At dinner Flex and London got serious about their feelings, but 12 Pack had a hard time opening up. London said he had really strong feelings for Daisy and believed she was making him a better person. Flex interrupted London, calling him an unemployed, homeless loser. Daisy was really upset by Flex's behavior, but Flex said he couldn't help himself.
Daisy asked 12 Pack to tell him how he felt, but he just couldn't do it. Flex used 12 Pack's hesitation to tell Daisy how much he liked her and cared about her. 12 Pack finally gained the courage to tell Daisy he was falling in love with her but it seemed to be too little too late.
A tough goodbye
The next morning the men were driven to the airport, where Daisy and Riki were waiting for them.
Daisy decided it was time to let 12 Pack go. She said she wasn't willing to break down his guard right now, and he became very upset. He stomped around for a while and would barely let her say goodbye.
After she left with Flex for their date, 12 Pack broke down in to tears, telling the camera he doesn't think he will ever find love again.
The final dates
Daisy took Flex on a romantic helicopter ride, and she said she felt so safe with him holding her. They had a very short dinner together, but Flex was able to stay that he was falling in love with Daisy, something she reciprocated. Their meal was cut short because Daisy desperately wanted to take Flex back to her room. The couple spent the entire night together.
Daisy's date with London was a lot less romantic. They went horseback riding, which was fun, and later in Daisy's room London finally played Daisy her song. Daisy seemed more upset than excited about the song, and she told London he scares her because she cares for him so much but doesn't trust him. London ended up leaving the room with Daisy crying inside.
Her final decision
Before the elimination Riki told Daisy London is the man from her past, someone she would be repeating previous mistakes with. He also reminded her that London makes her cry and Flex does not.
Daisy's final decision, however was London. She told Flex he was everything she needed in her life, but she wanted London more than she could explain.
For the full goodbye check out the video below, and to read recaps of previous 'Daisy of Love' episodes, click here.


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