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10 Ways to Fight Stress

1. Clean:When you have to do it, it’s terrible, but if you need a quick feeling of accomplishment, it’s the way to go. Also, you are being productive at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
2. Listen to Music: Let loose and blast the music. It will take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out and it can be paired with other activities like cleaning or dancing
3. Dance: No, you don’t have to go to ballet class, just do it in your PJ’s in your living room. Patty tells us to dance to any kind of music. Moving and stretching helps increase your endorphins and you will feel better naturally

4.. Relax your body: Take a hot bath or treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. Any of those will make you relax and then every time you look at your nails afterwards, you can go right back to that feeling!

5. Think Happy Thoughts: Try your best to be optimistic and think of good memories. There is no reason you can’t go back to them!
6. Meditate: Whether you do so through yoga or just breathing, take some time for yourself. Even if you just take ten minutes, it will help the rest of your day be much more productive.

7. Surround yourself with Positive People: The last thing you want when you are super-stressed is somebody else who is stressed out as well. Venting sessions probably won’t help. Try to surround yourself with people that will be able to lighten your mood and take your mind off of your stressor
8. Run outside: OK, we couldn’t skip exercise completely. It’s probably the most obvious non-caloric stress reliever. Try running—outside if possible. It is a great way to burn off excess stress in addition to some calories, and this way you will get some fresh air. Breathe it in! Especially as winter is approaching and you are going to be spending more and more time inside, take advantage of any sunny day that comes by.
9. Make Lists: This is my personal favorite. Making lists of small tasks that need to get done provide the satisfaction of being able to cross those things off. Allow yourself to feel little pieces of accomplishment!
10. Read: No, I’m not talking about your work emails. Pick up a pleasure book and allow yourself to get completely immersed in it. Sometimes the best thing for stress is just to get your mind occupied by something else.


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