Local surfers' close call with a jumping shark:Hot and Latest News
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Local surfers' close call with a jumping shark

HUTCHINSON ISLAND, FL--Spinner sharks migrate close to the Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast shores this time of year.They look ominous when photographed from above but imagine seeing one of these up close!Three local men did and they have the amazing video to prove it!They are longtime surfers and always have a videocamera with them to document the best waves.

Recently off Hutchinson Island they saw a 6 to 7 foot spinner shark shooting out of the water and pirouetting 5 or 6 times ---all within a few feet of where they were surfing.Surfer Kevin Barry says, "After seeing the video it was more of a wow! rather than seeing the splash out of the corner of your eye..when you slowed the video down and see the size of the shark..every bit of it."

John Binchani, another local surfer says, "I haven't seen anything like it and with how frequently they jump out of the water and how many cell phones and cameras there are on the beach...it's unique we got it."Their video has made the rounds on the internet. The three surfing friends say they're working to put together a video of a "day in the life" of a Florida surfer...and this is certainly one of the highlights.


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