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The Man Whose Arms Exploded..World's Largest Biceps

Gregg Valentino's biceps are so large that they are larger than some people's waist.
Gregg Valentino has been body building since the age of 14, some 30 years now and just keeps growing.

Gregg is only 5' 6" tall, but weighs about 250 pounds, has a 58 inch chest, can bicep curl 300 pounds and can bench press 550 pounds.

Back to his biceps, the world's largest biceps measure in at an amazing 28 inches.

Gregg Valentino is a controversial Italian-American bodybuilder who is thought to have the largest arms in the world. Valentino was featured in "The Man Whose Arms Exploded", a TLC documentary highlighting the use and abuse of steroids. In the documentary he recalls his misuse of steroids, namely not taking precautions necessary to prevent infection. Consequently he eventually came down with a very serious infection of his right biceps. After failed attempts to drain the hematoma himself, using the same needles he used to inject his steroids, and "filling two glasses with blood and pus" he sought emergency medical treatment. Ultimately his arm was saved, at the cost of a significant reduction in the size and shape of the biceps.

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