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1967 chris craft cavalier

I have spent the last few days continuing to digitize content for the online archive. I'll state for the record, we are still a ways out from having the archive accessible, but I starting to get pretty excited about it. In answer to Brian Robinson's request for a CD of the old factory 35mm scans, it is my goal to have all of this available online. We are developing a system that will serve resolutions on the fly. The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club member will be able to determine what resolution he/she wants based on their specific need.

1. We have scanned several hundred original factory 8 x 10 B&W prints. These prints were scanned as grayscale at 600 DPI, yielding a 70Mb uncompressed file. They look great. For the most part these scans cover 1956 through 1964. There's some great stuff here. Lots of unusual models and configurations, including a couple of dozen Cavalier Division photos, a couple of dozen Sea Skiff Division photos, many large cruisers, up to 65 footers including a few Roamer shots.

2. I scanned the entire 275 page Chris-Craft marketing communications plan from 1966 which I purchased from a non-member. This marketing plan is pretty fascinating with goals and strategies for each Chris-Craft Division.

3. Next, a 250 page, A-120 engine parts specification for all variations of the A-120, including race variations.

4. Next an article from Business Week 1964, "Building Boats Like Cars" an interview with Pompano execs with a tour of the plant. Some great photos in this article of big cruisers coming down the assembly line.

5. Newspaper clippings from December 1988 Miami Herald, disclosing Murray Chris-Craft's closing and pending reorganization.

6. 1964 article, "Hank Bowman Tests the Commander 38"

7. Complete color scans of 1941 Chris-Craft Water Ways catalog

This amounts to nearly 2,000 pages of content (documents and photos) that have been digitized in the past week or so.

Fun stuff.
Bill Basler
Director of Marketing and Membership
Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club

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