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The Stage in The Vindy

Even though the physical article was kinda buried in the back of Wednesday's Food section (at least people in search of the TV grid found it!), we've gotten a barrage of calls and even hooked a few new acts for tonight! So thanks to Guy D'Astolfo, Todd Franko, and Milan Paurich (I know! Who'da thunk the Oakland would be thanking him after the comment-dramathon of 08?) for helping us out and paying attention to my annoying emails!

And then we made the top o' the Calendar in today's Entertainment EXTRA (which someone who shall remain nameless referred to as the "Thursday Etcetera," which I must say I quite like!):

Although lots of people (us included) complain about the Vindy a lot (like how it's gone from a regal name like "The Youngstown Vindicator" to "The Vindy"...), they do try hard to cover local events. And when they put their minds to it, they can do a really stellar job (see: Blitz, the section devoted entirely to high school football. Unecessary? Maybe. Ridiculous? I think so. But I'm sure many people feel the same about local theater, and we get tons of time in the spotlight).

What do you guys see as the future of The Vindicator? I remember being a kid, when the paper started adding color and then eventually advertising to the front page, and that made me uncomfortable (sorry, I'm a nerd). What will the future, with its enivronmentalism and tchnological advances, hold for print news? Will we have a print edition of this paper in, say, 10 years? What would Ytown be like sans paper?

Does anyone here read the Vindy's blogs? I think this is one of the best parts of the (online) paper. I like hearing directly from the editor and "regular people" (although I'll be the first to admit that I rarely do more than skim Tyler's blog, or as I call it "words, words, words").

My main gripe about the online version is the lack of photos that accompany articles. I like a good layout, and I miss it when it's not there. Speaking of good layouts, someone had the genius idea to place the Stage article right next to the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia article. A designer after my own heart, I'd say.

So set your DVR or VCR of whatever to record IASIP on FX tonight and bring your booty on down to the happenin' spot: The Stage at the Oakland, from 8-11. We'll be here, Biden or not. Will you?

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