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Senator Roland Burris must resign his seat

United States Senator Roland Burris has had a wonderful political career. He has in many ways been a trailblazer for African-Americans seeking higher office. In 1978 he was elected as Illinois State Comptroller, being the first African American elected to statewide office. In 1990, he was elected to another statewide office as Illinois Attorney General.

He has always served in these positions with high honor and distinction. His integrity was always beyond question. He ran over the years for such other statewide offices as United States Senate in 1984, defeated by Senator Paul Simon. He ran for Governor of Illinois in 1994 and in 2002 and lost both times in the Democratic primary. He lost in 1995 against current Mayor Richard M. Daley. But always he was honorable and was revered by the citizens of Illinois in spite of these defeats.
Until now.
Senator Roland Burris must resign. He perjured himself before the Illinois House and brought disgrace unto himself and the state of Illinois. He also accepted a “loan” in the amount of 1.2 million from businessman Joseph Stroud and never repaid the “loan” begging the question, what type of payment was this. And now Illinois House Republicans want to pusue this matter of Burris testimony before them.
He then discussed with Robert Blagojevich campaign contributions to then Governor Rod Blagojevich, presumably in exchange for the appointment.
And he denied he ever discussed anything with Blagojevich. It is obvious why Burris lied. It was because he was blinded by ambition. To be a United States Senator is a great honor and unfortunately, it is an honor that Burris does not deserve in view of the facts.
And although Burris now acknowledges the fact that he was approached by Robert Blagojevich, it is too late, I believe. The damage has been done. He had an opportunity to square with the Illinois state house and the people of Illinois. But Senator Burris chose to lie instead.
And it is for those reasons Burris must go. ASAP. Chicago City Hall Examiner.


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