Travis Chimpanzee Attack: Chimp attack video:Hot and Latest News
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Travis Chimpanzee Attack: Chimp attack video

Travis the Chimpanzee attacked two women. The Chimp attack happened in Stamford on Monday Feb 16. The chimp attack resulted in two women being hospitalized.

The chimp attack was at Rockrimmon Road. Sandra Harold, a home owner on Rockrimmon Road, used a butcher knife to stab the chimp in her attempts to stop the chimp attack on her friend. Travis the chimp was undeterred and still mobile.

Police arrived and the chimp attacked police officers. Travis the chimp tried to open the squad car door. This chimp attack led police to shoot the chimp. One woman had bad facial wounds. Sandra Harold had a heart attack.Both wome were sent to hospital. The Chimp Travis had escaped from a home.

News on Chimp Attack - link.

Chimp attack - video link. This is an example of how a chimp suddenly attacked a man


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Monkey said...

a CNN commentator made a good point about the impossibility of ever truly domesticating a wild animal, no matter how much you want it to to be domesticated
poor Joaquin Phoenix, he seemed to trying really hard to re-invent his image and was coming across as just awkward

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