Contamination Worries Cause Pistachio Recall:Hot and Latest News
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Contamination Worries Cause Pistachio Recall

California based Setton Farms has issued a pistachio recall due to contamination worries. Here we go again with another food recall.

Earlier on March 27 the California Department of Public Health had announced that it had been investigating the pistachio recall from a CA supplier. According to naomistarkman FDA held conf call at 7pm ET to announce expansion of pistachio recall, said consumers shouldn't eat any pistachios until more info is known.

According to CBS report "Food safety officials are looking through Setton Farms' plant in rural Tulare County to see if it could lead them to the source of the contamination. The recalls began last Friday when the Georgia Nut Company recalled its Kraft Back to Nature Nantucket Blend trail mix after some samples tested positive for salmonella. Setton Farms has started a separate recall of roasted pistachios, and grocery operator Kroger also has recalled some pistachio products."

Emaxhealth reports that this latest pistachio recall is involving one million pound, thus adding to the Salmonella worries, that periodically make news in the recent years. "What's up with nuts? First peanut butter, now a pistachio recall? Government conspiracy to quash a nut uprising? You decide," Twits graywes.

I went to Setton Farms' website hoping to find some fresh information about the latest Pistachio recall. However, I could not find any updates. Perhaps they will come tomorrow from the company.

So far our update is that do not eat any pistachio nuts due to this major recall from California.


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