Kevin Federline waiting for Britney Spears ?:Hot and Latest News
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Kevin Federline waiting for Britney Spears ?

Kevin Federline is waiting for Britney Spears in the wings during her comeback concerts around the country — and sources tell Star that old loving feeling is coming back!

In the March 23 issue of Star, the magazine Kevin was brought on board for Brit's Circus tour to help watch over their young sons, Preston and Jayden. But he's not just a babysitter: Kevin has been showering Britney with attention and affection, say insiders — and she's lapping it up!

"The truth is, they're falling in love again," says an insider. "I don't think they ever really fell out of love to begin with!"

Kevin has actually been gushing to his mom that being with Britney now reminds him of when they first fell in love in 2004, a family insider tells Star.

The family friend reveals there's been "some kissing. It started when they agreed that Kevin would take the boys on tour. They've shared a lot of flirty moments."


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