Mass Effect 2 Coming In “Early 2010,” PS3 Not Mentioned:Hot and Latest News
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Mass Effect 2 Coming In “Early 2010,” PS3 Not Mentioned

A few months ago, EA’s CEO mentioned that a sequel to Mass Effect was already in development. Today, the company confirmed in a press release, that Mass Effect 2 is coming in ‘early 2010.’ The document announced the next installment of the RPG will be available for the PC and Xbox 360 and it purposely didn’t mention the PlayStation 3. What does this mean for Sony owners? Simple. As of now, its not coming out for the PS3, which is strange because EA usually publish their games on all of the next-gen systems.

Of course, Left 4 Dead is also published by EA and Valve was the team who created it. Because Valve has issues with Sony’s consoles, they decided not to release the game on the PS3. Looks like Bioware might have the same concerns and EA agreed with them, for now. Joystiq contacted Bioware’s Heather Rabatich who said, “We have no comment beyond the platforms we’ve announced it for.” I guess that’s a better answer than “no.”


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