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I've been away a bit, but now I'm back. It's funny how things can get neglected without good reason, but I want to build on the readership I've established here, so am resolving to post at least twice a week, on the themes on which this blog was originally founded to explore - health, wealth and happiness as applied to a thirtysomething bloke who's been through it a bit but still tries to be cheerful.

I suppose the major development is that the Big-X has found out about the existence of this little journal of mine. Which wouldn't have been hard as enough people read it who know her. Naturally she doesn't appreciate that I am airing our dirty linen in public, as she sees it, and has asked me to stop writing and delete what is already here.

Well, I thought about it, but I'm not going to, on the grounds that it's not really about her, or that in particular. My marriage and divorce are instances in my life that I am dealing with, and I mention as and when something happens that I wish to share, and don't ever slag her off.

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