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May 3, 2010
By Indian
Bungie, Halo Reach going wild after being released from Bungie’s pen. Bungie and Activision announced a 10 years partnership on the 29th of April, 2010. Activision will have exclusive rights to distribute and publish Bungie’s new IP over multiple platforms.

Director of the Bungie community Brian Jarrard said “Microsoft still owns the Halo IP but we will still support Reach post release and we have a great relationship with our community, so we want to make sure we keep the game going. So there we have it if you were worrying that the game would not be receiving any Bungie DLC after release later on this year, think again. It appears that Halo will always be in Bungie’s hearts. We also know that Bungie’s new Activision published games will be multiplatform, no longer chain locked to the Xbox 360, and that Bungie can’t say enough about online gaming.

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