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Michael Mcateer

DERRYLIN, NORTHERN IRELAND (GaeaTimes.com)- It has been announced by Michael McAteer, one of the liquidators for Quinn Insurance, one of the biggest insurance companies in Ireland, and in fact the entire United Kingdom, that about 900 workers would be losing their jobs in the next one to one and a half years. The company, which is presently up for sale, as was announced by the board on Friday, insisted that it was necessary for them to lay back the workers in order to safeguard its future, financially. The company has been one of those which were hit the hardest during recession. The branches that are going to lay back their employees are Enniskillen and Derrylin, which would be laying back 179 and 21 people respectively. The other vacancies would be made in the other branches.
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Although it was well known that the company would be going for job cuts, the number has turned out to be more than was being expected. It was initially being speculated that the company would be laying back about 800 people, according to Michael McAteer. He mentioned that the laying back of the jobs would be taking pace in the voluntary method, and that a trawl for the voluntary candidates are about to begin very soon. He said that at present, the employees are being explained the entire package by the employee representative committees.

The voluntary package comes into effect about a year to 15 months from now, said Michael McAteer. The time period will be giving those who are laid back to look for another job. The owner of the company, Sean Quinn, sympathized with the workers, appreciating their efforts, though he himself was totally ‘devastated’ by the development.

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