Britney Spears in Bikini top:Hot and Latest News
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Britney Spears in Bikini top

Britney Spears got a big jump in her career now. She is looking more confident and happy with her life. She is gaining very different and sexy figure for her new musical tour.

Britney Spears and her group practiced in Los Angeles rehearsal studio. All these photos are from her website, giving a glimpse of what you will see in her performance.
Tour will be started in March, starting in her home state of New Orleans. There will be 44 performances in four months in the U.S., Canada and London, with plans to expand to the rest of Europe.

After birth of two children and her some of mental problem, Britney was out of shape for several years. After losing 20 pounds she is happy and healthy now.

She told to the Glamour magazine that she had to work hard to get her body back as in past.

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