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Cuzoogle’s Crush of the week - Gretchen Mol

Every Tuesday we take a poll around the office and feature a lovely lady that we all have a bit of a crush on. Now with any crush it can pass pretty quick but for this week at least, enjoy the photos.

Every now and then we get reminded of an actress or singer that used to be high on the crush list but got lost in the shuffle. While we were struggling through the two hour premiere of Lost last week, there were endless commercials for this show called Life On Mars. Never seen the show or care to see it but it did jog our memory on how hot Gretchen Mol is even with the retro hair. Our first memory of Mol was way back in 1996 when she appeared on Spin City and she was a looker. Since then she has not done much (that we have seen) other than Rounders and The Notorious Bettie Paige. But thanks to these ads we decided she was worth another look. What do you all think?


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