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Sure, the “bomb” is a 1954 Jughead, but I’m thinking the writers were really talking about Charles Widmore and Daniel Faraday. Which was the bigger bomb dropped tonight? LOST was very interesting tonight. I felt like I was getting closer to the truth, but nothing made sense while I was watching. So I’ve got to work it out here. If what I write doesn’t make sense to you, oh well. Because I’m trying to work it all out on the blog rather than in my head. Pretty quick we figured out that its the early 1950s on the island, and that Daniel Faraday is a “Jumper.” But what is he after on that island? Why does he care about the bomb so much? Why does he recognize that female soldier? Wait, do they have female soldiers back in the 1950s in the British Royal Army? Because I’m guessing the soldiers become The Others that we love to hate in present day. This is why The Others are wearing dirty torn up military style clothing and no shoes. Because they have been stuck on that Island for all those years. And what is all this talk about a hydrogen bomb that the Americans have come looking for?

Then it hit me, a little clue from the writers. Remember when they mentioned Archie and Meathead? And the other dude says no, you mean Archie and Jughead and the first guy said, no, another Archie. I’m thinking Daniel Faraday is Jughead, and Desmond and Charles Widmore are the Archie and Meathead.

Roll with me for a moment. Who are Archie and Meathead? Remember All in the Family, one of the best shows ever? Remember the epic battle between father and son-in-law? Were the producers using them as metaphors for Charles Widmore and Desmond? Archie and Meathead grew a bit closer by the end of the show. Will the same happen for Mr. Widmore and Desmond? Tonight, after Desmond burst into his office, looking for Daniel’s mother, they have a moment … because they both love Penny and want what is best for her.

Who is the cartoon Jughead? I remember him as an oddball with no luck with the ladies. Daniel denied being a romeo to Ellie, the girl with the gun. Jughead traveled with a Reggie (Asian ghost whisperer … aka Miles) and Veronica (Charlotte) and was extremely intelligent. He also had a crush on Betty. So, the love trio between Daniel and Charlotte and Ellie has its beginnings in this episode. I think the girl in the vegetative state in the bed that Daniel abandoned is a time traveler who must have came from the island. Is it Charlotte? After all, her sister said that she said she was talking to her dad one day and saying something else weird the next. So who is his Archie? No other than his constant Desmond.

Remember when Daniel landed on the island and he said that rescuing them was not his primary objective? Was he there to dismantle the bomb? It was supposed to be a question to Ben … but is it because of radiation poisoning … or electromagnetism, or is it to save the island, or someone on it? Don’t forget Ben used gas to kill the entire Dharma Initiative … and that Rousseau’s group died from a mystery sickness. We know the Jughead bomb was leaking in 1954 on the island, but what state is in during present day 2007?
Here’s the real Jughead of tonight’s episode of LOST:

Ellie … that could be short for Eloise, right? As in Ms. Eloise Hawking, the woman who could see the man in the red shoes death and who told Desmond that his destiny was The Island and who was also the woman with Ben in the flash forward.
Who is she? Mother of Charlotte? Mother or girlfriend to Daniel? Love of Charles Widmore?

Also, does anyone remember that when Richard did come to visit John Locke as a child he placed that compass that John just gave to him tonight … and that John should have picked it, rather than the knife, and that is why Richard walked away from him that day? I was so damn impressed that I remembered that moment.

And am I the only one to find it odd that Charlie and Charles Widmore both could be the namesake for Desmond and Penny’s son Charlie?


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