Israel Goal–Destroy Hamas Or Destroy Gaza?:Hot and Latest News
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Israel Goal–Destroy Hamas Or Destroy Gaza?

The Israel government is convinced its actions in Gaza were purely defensive and had no other goal than the destruction of Hamas military capability to send rockets from Gaza. However, latest reports indicate during the 22 days of assault and bombing, about 219 factories were destroyed or heavily damaged, 4,000 homes blown up, and more than 50,000 people left homeless. Gaza businessmen say much of the 3% of industry still functioning after the Israel economic blockade of Gaza has not been wiped out. Chris Gunness, of the UN Relief and Works Agency, said the IDF invasion was a strike at the heart of the peace process.

Gazans described examples of Israel soldiers destroying facilities that had not been hit by air strikes. According to Prime Ministe Ehud Olmert, “the state of Israel did everything in order to avoid hitting civilians.” Perhaps, it is time for an impartial Israel examination of the behavior of its troops in Gaza. There simply are too many sources reporting widespread destruction to palm it off as simply Muslim propaganda.

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