Super Bowl 43 Prediction, Arizona vs Pittsburgh:Hot and Latest News
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Super Bowl 43 Prediction, Arizona vs Pittsburgh

Super Bowl 43 Prediction, Arizona vs Pittsburgh. I have delayed writing this story for the last couple of days in hopes of finding some evidence that the Arizona Cardinals can win this game. I have come up empty and will now explain to you why Pittsburgh wins this years Super Bowl by at least 20. I really wanted to pick the Cardinals, but I do not see how they will get anything done against a blue-collar defense as dominant as Pittsburgh’s.

The Steelers defense has been dominant all season. There is no doubt that defense is the reason the Steelers have gotten this far. Pittsburgh is currently running a very mediocre and vanilla offense. Hand it to Willie Parker on first down, hand it to Willie Parker or throw a short pass on second down. Throw for just enough yardage to get the first down and repeat. It has been a normal sequence for the past few weeks with these Steelers. Ben has to run for his life because the Steelers offensive line is just average at best this season. They will probably put together a solid drive or two resulting in points, but I will go on the record saying that the defense will either score or set up more scores than the Steeler offense will in this game.

Kurt Warner is a confident veteran. I really like the guy and have enjoyed watching him throw to a talented trio of receivers. Fitzgerald will get his 100 yards and a touchdown in the game. I’m not sure where Anquan Boldin’s head is at right now. Major media exposure is a good time for a star to garner the spotlight and make himself a distraction as Boldin has. I will guess he will have about 3 catches for 35 yards. This leaves Steve Breaston. Breaston has been the X-factor in this passing game all year, but don’t think Dick Lebow isn’t hip to cutting him off. The Steelers are the best blitzing defense in recent NFL history. I do not see Kurt Warner having much timed to do anything, especially in obvious passing situations.

Pittsburgh wins 34-13. ( This was Paneech’s pick, stay tuned for Ethanator’s pick )

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