Amanda Beard Not Dating Thorpe:Hot and Latest News
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Amanda Beard Not Dating Thorpe

Swimming hottie Amanda Beard recently denied dating Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe, in an interview. Thorpe had earlier talked about Amanda and everybody thought they were in a relationship.

“Well, I did have a long-term, long-distance relationship (with champion American breaststroker Amanda Beard), and it was great while it lasted. It was sort of public knowledge we were seeing each other, and yet not. It went on for ages, years,” he was quoted as saying.

Amanda completely falsified the statement, saying that they were just friends.

Beard, 27, yesterday told her agent: “Take out the word relationship and put in the word friendship and that’s exactly what it was.”

Now, these revelations have come at a time when people have started questioning about an alleged ‘chemistry’ between Thorpe and his Brazilian flatmate Daniel Mendes. That apparently makes him gay after having a ‘long-distance thing’ with the hottest female swimmer in the world.

This guy has certainly moved on!


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