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Val Kilmer's flirtation

Checking out the local news on the tele last night, lo and behold, I spied Val Kilmer actually speaking to the press--as in, the New Mexico press. Kilmer went to the Roundhouse yesterday and caused a big stir. How come that doesn't happen when I walk in the door? I want to hang out on the rostrum with the Speaker of the House and flirt with a gubernatorial run too.

Kilmer has a couple of big issues to deal with if he wants to run.

First, does he run as a Democrat? If so, he has that pesky Ralph Nader-supporter thing to deal with. As someone who did support Nader when he was still officially Green, I can attest to the loathing that Democrats have for Nader. The more left the Democrat, the more they'll begrudgingly acknowledge Nader's smarts, but they still don't like him. And I have to admit, I've come a long way in that direction myself. Nader is an egomaniac, plain and simple. If he wasn't, he would have supported Cynthia McKinney instead of running this year himself. Not to mention, that vaunted lifestyle he leads--in which he lives with practically no material goods, has no relationships and is totally committed to his work? Also a sign of the egomaniac if you ask me, not to mention someone who scorns the "regular guy." Lefties often border on this particular trait when they say things like "I don't own a television" proudly. Anyhow, I know a lot of smart radicals, and Nader doesn't impress me much. But he impressed Kilmer, who gave him a bunch of green bills last year.

Second, Kilmer hasn't voted in New Mexico although he's lived here an awful long time. You know, I don't really have much of a problem with this one, if it's just about a fellow citizen's choices. Look at all the scandal. The pay-to-play allegations may turn out to be unprovable, and at that level, maybe they're untrue. But anyone in their right mind can see that money buys access, and those relationships turn into nice gigs for the players. Richardson took this system to new heights but in truth it's something that permeates the political economy we've set up for ourselves as a society. Frankly, it's discouraging. But back to Kilmer. Do we really think he doesn't vote because he feels disempowered? Sorry, but that's kind of a stretch. I think it's more like he's been disengaged. And now that he's "flirting" with a governor's run, he told a local television reporter that he "regrets" those choices.

So, these are the two primary stumbling blocks I see for Kilmer. Both could potentially lead into deep examinations of how and why our society functions the way it does. This is why I call them stumbling blocks, not big massive walls that will stop him cold. The potential is interesting...if he decides to go there.

Frankly, having mulled this all over, I like the Kilmer flirtation. It's certainly a welcome distraction--or absurdity, however you want to look at it--in the face of all this gross stuff swirling around New Mexico politics lately.

Not to mention, I'm kind of curious about his ideas for New Mexico. Afterall, he is a Nader supporter. ;-) Not to mention, he's sort of weird, so if the PR machine doesn't get hold of him, his ideas could be pretty interesting.


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