NZ Raelians Celebrate World Nude Day!:Hot and Latest News
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NZ Raelians Celebrate World Nude Day!

Fri 6th Feb is World Nude Day. It's an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of the human body and to rid society of the outdated Judeo-Christian belief that 'nudity is bad.' "On the contrary! There is nothing more natural or beautiful than the human body!", states Mark Woodgate, National Guide for New Zealand.

"It's quite unbelievable that we're only just beginning to emerge from a society with these outdated beliefs. We're ALL born naked and children feel no shame in their nudity until they are programmed otherwise."

RAEL, the spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement explains in his teachings that the human body is one of the greatest works of art, the result of a scientific creation which should be cherished and celebrated. Instead, in this so called ‘enlightened’ 21st Century, nudity and the fundamental right of self expression is still under fire.

We are created "in the image" of our Creators, the Elohim, an advanced race of people mistaken as 'gods' by our ancestors, so what could be shameful about nudity?

The NZ Raelians are demonstrating their support for World Nude Day by offering body painting at Mt Maunganui Beach (next to Leisure Island) from 11am on Fri 6th Feb. Body painting is symbolic that the human body is a beautiful work of art and should be celebrated as such.


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