Blame game in Pakatan starts:Hot and Latest News
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Blame game in Pakatan starts

DAP lawyer Karpal Singh (left) has blamed Anwar Ibrahim for creating the party-hopping culture and causing trouble in Pakatan Rakyat. He also asked Anwar Ibrahim to step down as PR de facto leader and to stop creating trouble. Strong words indeed but that's Karpal Singh for you. He is consistent in his stand, even if it means offending his fellow PR leaders. He is against the setting up of an Islamic state and he spoke up when DAP and PKR leaders have started to compromise their stand by keeping a deafening silence.

After all, there is the possibility of winning in the next elections and nobody wants to ruin anything, even if it means compromising their political principles. But Karpal Singh seems to be the odd man out again. He remembers the Sept 16 scam and massive frog hunting exercise from Sabah, Sarawak to Taiwan when many chose to forget or ignore it.

A war of words have erupted following Karpal Singh's statement and the word is that PKR leaders are busy writing their press statements to whack Karpal Singh. Politics in Malaysia is always exciting and unpredictable.


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