Shepard Fairey Arrested for his Art:Hot and Latest News
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Shepard Fairey Arrested for his Art

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr
Shepard Fairey, the artist who gained fame when created a series of posters supporting Barack Obama's candidacy for President in 2008, including the iconic "HOPE" portrait, was arrested Friday night as he entered a sold-out dance event at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Massachusetts.

Fairey had been scheduled to deejay the event kicking off his new exhibition....

But instead Boston Police have charged him with criminal damage to property for allegedly having painted two Boston area locations with graffiti…

Fairey has been arrested numerous times for drawing on buildings and other private property without permission.... in fact Fairery told the Boston Globe this make about the 15th time....

He is schedule for arraignment on these charges Monday morning in Boston.


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