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Potfest movie

After the movie Beerfest received so much positive feedback, it turns out that the Broken Lizard team has decided to make a sequel called Potfest. Awesome. There's something to look forward to.

At first the idea was a joke. According to IGN, the Broken Lizard team stated that so many people have been curious about whether or not the movie is going to be made, that they've finally began discussing the idea. Although we should make note that nothing is solid yet.
Check out more information at --> Broken Lizard on the Road to Potfest


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Anonymous said...

Better watch once than a lot of time to read.
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Robert Stearns said...

If you make they will watch and probally smoke to the broken promise the Lizards planned to make Beerfest was awesome!!! so make potfest for the stoners & not the drinkers go to canabis cup and we will enjoy the show that is all and your welcome come again=More people to love your movies!!! your welcome

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