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Charles Nenner

Charles Nenner is just another one of those pundits who tell us that they can divine the future. Sometimes they're right of course (the Sun will rise in the East tomorrow) and sometimes they're wrong (economists have predicted 11 of the past 3 recessions). Charles Nenner's luck seems to be in at the moment as some of his recent predictions have turned out to be right on the money.

Charles Nenner's system is based on economic cycles, complex mathematical equations, and determinism, which is to say he believes that he has a system he believes can predict the trends and price points in various markets in advance. This sounds crazy, except he has been remarkably (frighteningly?) accurate in some of his predictions.

So what is Nenner predicting now?

Right now, he is calling for a year end rally, with more to go, roughly to mid-Dec. His price target on the Dow is around 14,300.

- In terms of 2008, he predicts a tough February and March, and a very volatile year overall, with 3 to 4 roughly 15% corrections. He believes 2008 will be a very difficult year to make money in.

It's going to be a difficult year to make money in? Good grief, people are calling Charles Nenner a seer for stating that? Here's the background on Charles Nenner:
Charles Nenner, President and CEO, founded Cycle Forecaster, Inc. He is also a medical doctor, and a former chess champion of Holland. He speaks seven languages. The Company publishes, via the Internet, a research letter regarding various financial markets, stocks, and economic indicators. His daily newsletter is one of the most influential newsletters on Wall Street. His clients include some of the biggest and wealthiest investment firms, hedge funds, re-insurers, capital pools and individuals in the world. The newsletter covers several markets, including the Nikkei, S&P, Nasdaq, Gold, Bonds, Bunds, Oil, etc, as well as individual stocks and economic indicators. His work utilizes a unique algorithm that he developed early in his career. It factors in multiple cycle movements, and includes the Elliot Wave theory as a foundation. He is able, from his historical research, to identify and quantify the cycle turns for all markets. The basic thesis to Cycle Forecaster is that human interpretation of events and trends does not change over time. Therefore, detailed past analyses - going back many decades – in combination with the Elliot Wave analysis, Gann analysis, oscillator analysis, and other analyses, can lead to predictive postures for current and future investment decisions.

Hmm, might all be worthwhile, could indeed be the greatest financial analyst of our time. There's always one niggle I have though with people like this:

Charles Nenner has been the talk of Wall Street in 2006 with his 'triple call' on the market. Market experts have been paying attention to his calls a lot longer though. If you would like more information on his fee-based services, or want to learn more about him generally, please contact us.

So, er, why is he selling his advice? Why isn't he keeping quiet about it and trading on his own account? He'll make vastly more money that way: on the assumption that his forecasts about the future are indeed correct.

He spent several years at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. He also created his own Broker-Dealer firm, which traded based on the research he generated. what happened to that (unnamed) broker dealer then? Did it, trading upon his unique advice, make a fortune? Or did it close because it wasn't making a fortune? Which is why Charles Nenner is selling advice, not following his own investment tips?

Hey, you make up your own mind here.
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