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Doodle for Google, Obama doodles

Everybody doodles. Everybody Googles.

That's why Google is getting such a ride with its Doodle for Google contest, inviting schoolkids throughout the country to submit a doodle, with a 50-word essay, holding out the prize of displaying that doodle on Google for a day.

The winner also gets a trip to Google's Mountainview, Calif., campus. the 'Googleplex', a personal computer, a T-shirt, and, oh, a $10,000 college scholarship and $25,000.00 toward the computer lab at their school.

Which got us to thinking.

What if Congress authorized a Doodle for Obama: Every day, the best doodle for the president is displayed on the White House Web-site, the winner gets a scholarship, money for their computer lab. Economic stimulus in a daily dose.

Even Obama doodles.

(He may be getting the kids a Doodle, too.)

The president said, during his weekend pre-game Super Bowl interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, that there is little time for "the inconsequential'' around the White House. He'll spend the afternoon going through a gauntlet of several TV interviews in the Oval Office today, however, making a sales pitch for the economic stimulus.

Time to doodle in between. Sort of like this posting.


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