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Google Latitude: Share Your Location On Google Maps

Google Latitude is now live, a new service from Google that allows you to send your location to Google Maps and share it with friends via many mobile phones (not the iPhone yet, but that’s coming). Greg Sterling will have our own review of the service posted later today.

For now, you can explore it directly yourself now (or here via your moble phone). You can also use the service from your computer, though the instructions from Google on how to locate the iGoogle Latitude gadget don’t currently seem to bring it up. Instead, use this link, login, and then you’ll be prompted to install the gadget. I found so far that it wasn’t able to automatically detect my location using my computer, as promised — but you can set it manually.

The Wall Street Journal has a long review here (or see the same review here on AllThingsD). There’s also discussion on Techmeme here.


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jepabst said...

Thanks for the additional info, here's all I was able to dig up.

It looks like it won't violate too many privacy issues because it will be so easy to control. I'm looking forward to seeing how fast it is on my HTC Touch.

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