Obama performance chief Killefer out, citing taxes - Yahoo! News:Hot and Latest News
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Obama performance chief Killefer out, citing taxes - Yahoo! News

Killifer's issue was actually pretty minor. I don't really think she should have to back out. But all the other nominees with problems were dealing with significant amounts of money and pretty clear culpability.

Tom Daschle is out as Secretary of Health and Human Services, because he didn't pay his taxes.

Tim Geithner didn't pay his taxes, and he even bilked his employer, but he is Secretary of the Treasury anyway.

There is something especially hypocritical about liberal Democrats not paying their taxes. They are constantly criticizing Republicans for giving "tax breaks to the rich," while they themselves are (a) rich, and (b) creating nonexistent tax breaks for themselves. They even lecture us about how patriotic it is to pay taxes (VP Joe Biden, during the campaign). When they cheat on their taxes, as somebody said, it is like an evangelical preacher getting caught with a prostitute.

Bill Richardson was to be Commerce Secretary, but unfortunately he happens to be under investigation by a grand jury in connection with issuing state contracts to political donors. Maybe he and Rod Blagojevich can cut some government waste by sharing a cell.

Several questions come to mind. What was that stuff about "reform" and "change" again? And what kind of half-baked vetting are these nominees getting by the Obamelot brain trust--all these smartest people in the world who have graced us with their presence? How hard is it to ask "Did you pay your taxes?" I hope they do a little more homework before Obama sits down to parlay with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

And finally...tell me again why we little people have to pay our taxes?


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