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Is Google Safe Browsing Really Safe?

Google Safe Browsing is a Google search engine feature. Google Safe Browsing warns users of a possible malware attack if bad websites have been identified as phishing sites. At one time, Google Chrome identified Facebook as a phishing site. This was brought about by Facebook Virus/Kooface Virus. Google safe browsing is not fool-proof. Recently, users have seen a warning “Warning Visiting This Web Site May Harm Your Computer!” and according to some, this is a Google malware.

With recent events involving a possible Google malware attack on the most popular search engine, people now question if Google safe browsing is still reliable. How can people determine what sites are safe and what site are not? Google is obviously broken down at this time. All search results are tagged unsafe for browsing. How can this be? Even personal blogs with no other content but daily activities are branded as phishing web sites. Is Google safe browsing really safe? Only Google can answer this and the team has a lot to explain to users and webmasters alike.

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