Janine Sligar Found Guilty Of Sexually Abusing A Prison Inmate:Hot and Latest News
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Janine Sligar Found Guilty Of Sexually Abusing A Prison Inmate

Janine Sligar, a 47 year old former prison secretary, was sentenced to six months in prison on Thursday for having maintained a sexual relationship with an inmate under her supervision.

Sligar pleaded guilty on Friday of having had sex with an inmate named Eric McClain between 10 and 20 times while inside of the prison. Sligar first came into contact with McClain when he was ordered to clean her office and the two eventually hit it off. "They began to have conversations and realized they had similar interests," said the plea agreement. The relationship reportedly took place over various months in the summer of 2007.

According to CNN, the agreement indicated that the encounters took place primarily in a staff restroom in the housing unit at the Federal Prison Camp in Florence, Colorado.

Authorities were tipped off to the relationship and after a search of Sligar’s home discovered a journal which detailed the affair as well as explicit photographs of the encounters themselves.

Sligar admitted in court that she provided McClain with a variety of contraband including: a cell phone with a non local number so that McClain could call her and photographs with explicit sexual poses. Further investigation revealed that the defendant had changed the primary beneficiary of her insurance policy from her children to McClain.

According to the plea agreement sex between inmates and prison employees is "a huge security threat that compromises the institution and other correctional officers."

A resident of Wray Colorado, Sligar is a 14 year veteran of the Bureau of Prisons. She was found guilty of sexual abuse and will serve five years of supervised release as well as be obligated to register as a sex offender, according to a statement provided by the U.S. Attorneys office in the District of Colorado.

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