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Julia: Dan Keeps Me Hot

We haven't heard much from Julia Roberts in a while.

And we must say, we've missed her.

So when we heard that she'd been chatting about all things love to Allure magazine, our ears started ringing.

41-year-old Jules says she owes her youthful good looks to her cameraman hubby of six years, Danny Moder.

She says that it's Dan's love for her that keeps her looking young and luminous.

"The key to beauty is always to be looking at someone who loves you, really," she told Allure magazine.

Danny Moder and Julia Roberts
"One of my favourite
Danny Moder and Julia Roberts
things about my children right now, even Henry, who can't say all the words... sometimes he'll see me and go, 'Mama' and throw himself on me. Or Finn says he likes my earrings. Or Hazel will say, 'You look pretty, Mama,' first thing in the morning.

"And I realise, that's all my husband. They're seeing the things that he does and the way that he shares his feelings with me, and the way that I share my feelings with him.

"The coolest thing you can do for your children is to love each other in their presence."

Jules has recently headed back to work after a four year hiatus in which she concentrated on raising her four-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, and Henry, 20 months.

And she said it wasn't all smooth-sailing, especially when a crew member put his foot in it on the set of her new film, Duplicity.

"Just when you think you're getting your s**t together, someone says, 'When is your baby due?' I had Henry on my hip, and it was like, 'This is my baby.'

"It hurt my feelings so bad. I think the second-meanest thing you can say to somebody is, 'You look tired.' Why do people say that? Just tell me I look like a mom. Don't tell me I look tired."


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