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Orochon Ramen - Spicy!

On the way to the LA Auto Show last week, me and a few buddies stopped by Orochon Ramen in Little Tokyo. It’s become somewhat of a tradition to get a bowl of ramen somewhere in the area before the car show for the last couple of years. Apparently this place is known for its spicy ramen (i love spicy) and if you can eat a whole bowl of their spiciest ramen (including drinking all of the broth) they’ll take your photo and put it on their wall.

Aside from not wanting a blood pressure spike from all the sodium that I’d take in from drinking a bowl full of broth, I was too afraid to try their spiciest. Even our server said he’s only had the second spiciest and that it was too spicy. I was hungry and wanted a meal more than I wanted to impress my friends so i went for the 5th spiciest (called #3 Impact on the menu). It actually wasn’t too spicy, but pretty much at the upper limit of enjoyable. My friends had the 7th and 8th spiciest and they weren’t very spicy at all.
The noodles were pretty good, although since the broth was so spicy, most of my taste buds were pretty numb and to be honest it could have been instant ramen and I really wouldn’t have noticed much difference. The service was pretty good, although our 4 bowls of ramen came out over a 10 minute period of time which was kind of awkward. I will be going back though and next time I plan to go for the spiciest bowl and all the glory, but it will be on a day when I don’t have to walk
around the convention center for a few hours, just in case it doesn’t agree with me.


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