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Sign The “No Stimulus” Petition!

Americans For Prosperity have created a “no stimulus” petition in response to the overwhelming negative support for Porkulus. It’s pretty amazing to me that right now (1 pm ET) the number 1,2,3 and 4 Top Google searches are for “no stimulus petition” or a variation of it, and for Americans For Prosperity.

Right now support is fading from many and now seemingly with every passing hour support erodes. A Rasmussen poll had only 37% supporting the plan over the weekend. It is SO bad that Barry is now back on the stump holding Town hall style meetings, in small communities with the highest unemployment in the nation, begging for support of the $800 billion plus plan.

Click to sign the petition at Keep trying if you are delayed; response is so overwhelming that the site has crashed twice this past week. Time is running OUT. Obama’s coming on primetime TV tonight to attempt to drum up more fear and support for this insanity. Let’s hope everyone will be watching “House” and “24″ instead.


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marko said...

No Stimulus Petition full video on CNN-LIVE: video of day on cnn

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