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Yes, There Is a Windows 7 Upgrade Program

Microsoft issued a draft of the Windows 7 Technical Guarantee Program to their OEM partners on December 10, giving them exactly one month to provide their feedback before Microsoft finalizes the program details. We managed to obtain a copy of the draft, which tentatively refers to the program as the "Windows 7 Upgrade Program". Let's take a look at the key points outlined in the draft.
The Windows 7 Upgrade Program is designed to assist Microsoft's OEM partners in minimizing the number of end users who may postpone acquiring a new computer because of the impending release of the Windows 7 operating system. This program allows OEMs to offer an upgrade to Windows 7 to end users who qualify.

Which pretty much means nobody's qualified, yet. This is for people who are about to buy a PC with Vista, not those who already have (unless you've a very generous OEM).

And I mean we should all be upset, right? There's just no sense in developing a product over the course of years, eagerly anticipated by so many people, and then not giving it away! It's like, they're being all accountable and junk.

Man, just look, I want something and I want my money, too. Can't they get that?


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