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Eight O'Clock Coffee Gets The Makeover You Pick!

Little known fact: Eight O'Clock Coffee, which used to be an A&P brand and now has broader though still somewhat limited distribution, is celebrating its 150th anniversary by doing a packaging makeover. And they are asking consumers to vote on which package design is better.

They're using the ePrize platform to manage the contest.

Coffeephiles should know that Eight O'Clock is consistently rated the best or one of the best coffees in America, and at a pricepoint considerably lower than the Illy or Starbucks you may use.

Drink for thought. Arr arr. And if you don't pick the bag on the left, you're a nutter.

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Monkey said...

this may not be the best time for Eight O Clock to change their look since there's so much buzz online for them right now and people only have their old design

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